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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

LSJ and Greek Parsing tool for Palm Pilot

After a lengthy spat of encoding, the LSJ and Greek parsing tool are now both available at http://www.handheldclassics.com

Thanks to Perseus for releasing the LSJ under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
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Reading A Greek Boy At Home

I have been reading Rouse's "A Greek Boy At Home" for quite a while now, and as much as I try to get past the first lessons quickly, I can't seem to do it. The main problem is with vocabulary, which cannot be deduced (for the most part) from the context, and the accompanying glossary apparently omits several key words. It can get very, very frustrating, but I refuse to let this book go. To ...
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Greek works preserved in Arabic

Is there a comprehensive list of ancient Greek writings preserved only in Arabic available anywhere online?
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Unit 30 - Ex II

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"Greek Prose Reading Course"

Has anyone used any of Malcolm Campbell's Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners? It looks really handy, with four reading volumes on Philosophy, Historiography, Forensic, and Political Oratory; also, a "basic vocabulary" volume of 1500 common words.

Here's volume 2:
http://www.amazon.com/Greek-Prose-Readi ... 0335MIGFLE

Does post-beginner mean suitable for someone who has finished an intro grammar? Now that I'm beginning my Greek I thought I'd tackle these once I graduate ...
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Cornelii Schrevelii Lexicon manuale

I've been trying for a while to find a clean pdf of Cornelii Schrevelii Lexicon manuale græco-latinum et latino-græcum and have the book reprinted from Lulu. I tried on Google Books, I tried at UCSD library with no luck. There are always pages where the text is blurred and illegible.
Recently I found this web site: Maximus Scriptorius Publications. The owner intends to reprint the book, the quality of his reprints seem decent, and his ...
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εἰμί third person plural

The other day, my greek professor asked me on my opinion of the historial roots of the third person plural of εἰμί, εἰσί.

What at first occured to me was that is was formed by the stem *es and the personal ending -nti, i.e. *esnti, which then lost the s in the position before the n, ti becomes si, *ensi loses the n and becomes eisi because of compensatory lengthening. (I don't know about the ...
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Adverbs of place with δε?

Good afternoon, all. :)

Just a quick question. I had until now thought that I could substitute te pros+acc idea by adding the δε particle to words, as in οικαδε or Αθεναζε (to conjure memorized examples), but I was told today that those expressions are only themselves true, given that they cristalized in that way, and thus remained in use, but that it is generally impossible to ...
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