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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

subordinate clauses

Can words belonging to subordinate clauses such as local clauses be placed within the independent clause? I recently saw an instance of a word belonging in a clause introduced by a relative adverb but was actually placed before the relative adverb.
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Textbook exercise

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Reading Plato

Seeing as I'm nearing the end of my adventure with Mr. Hansen and Mr. Quinn, I want to know what I can or can't tackle afterwards. The main reason I wanted to study Greek was Plato. I love Plato and everything he writes, so I want to read him, but what kind of reading is it? Is it something I could read after just finishing that "Intensive Course"? He seems simple in English.
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For those who find memorizing Greek vocabulary challenging

Greek vocabulary is not as challenging ast it seems; rather, pathetic beginner's curriculums make it challenging. When I started memorizing Greek verbs, I became boggled down by the seemingly limitless number and variety of changes in the stem of a verb. Once I began studying Smyth's section on "Changes in the Verb stem," everything became clear to me. For anyone just beginning to learn Greek, do not study any verbs save those used for paradigms ...
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Eumenides 269-270

o)/yei de\ kei)/ tij a)/lloj h)/liten brotw=n
h)\ qeo\n h)\ ce/non
tin' a)sebw=n† h)\ toke/aj fi/louj,
e)/xonq' e(/kaston th=j di/khj e)pa/cia.

Does "ei" introduce an indirect question here and is "asebwn" a pariciple or an adjective modifying "brotwn"? I translated this passage:

"and you will see whether someone else of profaned mortal men offended either a god or some guest or beloved parents, each having the things deserving of justice."
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Hello All


Just thought I would say "hi" as I am sure I am going to be asking questions soon. I have finally decided to take the step of actually starting Greek. Trying to do it on my own as my work schedule is too erratic to even think about a class (lawyer). Going with Pharr.

Have a very rusty knowledge of Latin somewhere in my brain -- did it in school in England a really ...
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Participles: Modal Solidarity

An interesting post appeared on the high-strung classics-l list (start of thread) introducing the term modal solidarity, which I have not encountered before. Worth a look.
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