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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Ancient Greek pronunciation


Is the pronunciation on that site good/accurate?
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pa/resti ga=j o)mfalo\n prosdrakei=n ai(ma/twn
blosuro\n a)ro/menon a)/goj e)/xein

Eum. 166-167

Can anyone explain to me the usage of "exein" in this sentence? I think it functions to make the participle
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present; hence, " It is at hand for me to behold that the navel of the world bears a terrible curse of blood." However, I am not sure this is correct.
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indirect statement

when the active forms of
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are used to introduce indirect statement, do they always mean command, or can they just mean say?
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The error of Erasmus - has anyone seen this?

I'm starting (again...) to learn greek. One subject that always bothered me was pronunciation, which seems to be a personal guesswork from the author of the particular grammar or course I might be reading at the time. Of course I read a few threads here on this subject, and then I found an article while surfing the web; http://www.bsw.org/?l=72081&a=Art06.html

It defends the abandonment of any attempt at a "scientific" ...
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Learning Greek Cursive

Hi there,

I am starting to learn ancient greek, and I find it slow to print all of my excerises out. In English and Latin, I write everything in long-hand.

Does anyone know of either an easily available book (like on Amazon) or a website which will show in detail how to write all of the greek letters in cursive so I can write in Greek faster? Something especially which shows examples of whole words ...
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which vocabulary tool?

Hi everybody,
what tool for looking up vocabulary do you use? Got /www.perseus.tufts.edu, but I find it rather slow.
Especially I am interested in free tools that work with linux.
Which commercial tools can you recommend?
Finally, I found that there are free bibel programs around, like sword and bibletime.For what are they used? Looking up vocabulary as well? So, what are the differences to their commercial counterparts?
Thanks in advance ...
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On French Greek Grammars and le Grand Bailly


I am not familiar with French Greek grammars. Does anyone know of an excellent, complete grammar written in French? What about Joelle Bertrand's Nouvelle Grammaire Grecque, is it as distinguished as Smyth's?

Also, is le grand Bailly as comprehensive and up-to-date as the big Liddell?


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At what rate should I learn Greek?

I am currently studying Latin in college and I intend to learn Greek independently. I just ordered a copy of Anne Groton's "From Alpha to Omega".

At what speed should I be going through these lessons? Unfortunately, I am busy with Latin and other classes so I can't devote all my studies to Greek. I thought that if I did about one lesson per week I could finish the 50-lesson book within a year. This ...
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Iliad recitation

I've finally managed to sit down and take a few minutes to record a part (I.1-73) of the Iliad. Here it is. Like a true αοιδός, I recited it from memory, which is why I only went to line 73- that's all I know straight through from the beginning (though I know a few more lines after that). I've read up to line 125 or so in Pharr, though I need to go back over ...
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