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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Help with translation, please!


I don't know any greek, but I am studying latin. As a project for school I'm supposed to translate a letter written by the Icelandic bishop Thorlakur Skulason in 1644, in latin. It is preserved in the National library of Icelan, JS 478 4to. But Thorlakur is so cool that he uses greek slang in one place:

nostratibusque patribus tecum th=v e'nge/neionv

Your countrymen and fatherland , I think it goes (please correct my ...
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Epicurus in lingua Latina - et in Graeca?

Hi all,

I am reading one of Seneca's Epistulae morales (#2) and he quotes )Epi/kouroj. The latin phrase goes:

honesta, inquit, res est laeta paupertas

Can anyone tell me what the Greek original is?

Cheers :)
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Classical Philosophy

Hello everyone,

I am a graduate student studying classical political philosophy and the university I attend does not have very good resources for me to learn ancient greek. I am particularly interested in reading Plato and Aristotle, and rendering literal translations from the greek. I have worked my way through the Hanson and Quinn, Crosby and Schaeffer, and Athenaze books. I have a pretty solid understanding of the basics. I am hoping someone here would ...
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Books in ancient Greek

How many books can we read in ancient greek?
What books can we buy now?
I know there are many translated books, but I don't want them.
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Aoidoi.org: Pindar's Olympian 14

My introduction (well, part of it) to Pindar is now commented: Olympian 14.

My thanks to Chad who noticed some spelling errors and suggested a few places where I could give a little more metrical detail.

I keep a list of poems to read. Most things get onto that list because someone suggested it might be interesting. This one made it onto my list because someone (I forget who) on the classics-l mailing list recommended ...
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Composition Exercise Number ?? + 1

Having dispatched JPII with a suitable eulogy (or two), I suppose dikh dictates that we should welcome Benedict XVI with a little something too.
Any suggestions for a metrical scheme for such a salutation, Will?

Paul McK
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Lysias: Please Help

Hi all,

Please consider this piece (part 20) from Lysias' 12th speech, against Eratosthenes (I hope I got it right!):

kai\ ou)de\ kata\ to\ e)la/xiston me/roj th=j ou)si/aj e)le/ou par' au)tw=n e)tugxa/nomen. a)ll' ou(/twj ei)j h(ma=j dia\ ta\ xrh/mata e)chma/rtanon, w(/sper a)\n e(/teroi mega/lwn a)dikhma/twn o)rgh\n e)/xontej, ou) tou/twn a)ci/ouj ge o)/ntas th=| po/lei, a)lla\ pa/saj me\n ta\j xorhgi/aj xorhgh/santaj, polla\j d' ei)sfora\j ei)senegko/ntaj, kosmi/ouj d' h(ma=j au)tou\j pare/nxontaj kai\ pa=n to\ prostatto/menon poiou=ntaj, e)xqro\n ...
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Attic Poets?

Are there any poets (or better yet, playwrights if their monologues are in verse) who wrote in Attic and are relatively easy to understand?
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general qn: who's reading aristotle?

hi just a really quick question, how many people here are reading aristotle, and which books, and do you use the commentaria in aristotelem graeca as well, and if so have you found any of these commentaries in greek online for general access? thanks :)
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How does one say this in Greek?

"Never forget sacrifice."
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