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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Learning accents in Ancient Greek


How much effort should one put toward learning accents in Attic Greek as a beginner? (The last time I studied Greek I bypassed them.) I have a book called A New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greek, but it seems a bit advanced despite its promise of brevity!

Thanks for any responses.
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Most difficult text

I'd really like to know from you who you think is the hardest writer, why and which text in particular :D .

Thanks a lot,

P.s. The hardest text in my opinion is the Frogs of Aristophanes. Translating it and it takes me ages because of all the strange words and grammatical difficulties!
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Translating this sentence


I'd like to get the sentence "It takes two." translated, please.

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Classical versus Koine Vocabulary

Now that I've just begun reading Greek texts in earnest, I'm trying to learn as much vocabulary as possible. I'm currently reading Attic texts (just finished Lysias' Murder of Eratosthenes) along side the Greek New Testament for variety. To aide in this I'm using Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary by Van Voorst, with which I plan to learn the bulk of its vocabulary.

I don't have any examples on hand, but it seems there ...
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Once Upon A Time

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Unicode characters for showing metric length?

Does anyone know what unicode page and/or codes are for the characters for the short, long, short/long (anceps) and other poetical and metric characters are contained in?

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A phrase from Nicomachean Ethics

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Aoidoi: Mesomedes' Hymn to Nemesis

In contrast to the archaic period poets I announced at the beginning of the month, here's something from the Roman imperial period, Mesomedes: Hymn to Nemesis.
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"Honey-eyed" in Greek?

Βοωπις means "cow-eyed, ox-eyed". How can I express "honey-eyed" (as a feminine adjective)? Which of the following looks best: μελοπις, μελοπης, μελιοπις, μελιοπης? Or should one write it in yet another way? I'll be grateful for any hint (including marking the appropriate stresses). Thanks.
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