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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

VOMIT is related to the Greek εμώ (emo)

The verb vomit came from the Latin vomitare from vomo (I vomit), which is related to the greek verb εμέω - εμώ (emo; I vomit).

In Greek
α) εξεμώ or κάνω εμετό: to vomit
β) εμετός: vomit

More: http://ewonago.blogspot.com/2008/07/vomit.html
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New Athena Unicode Font

http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~pinax/gre ... nload.html

Are others here familiar with this font? It puts some extra characters in the "Private Use Area" (PUA) of the Unicode encoding, and allows characters like alpha w/ macron + acute, that the normal fonts like Gentium don't.

You might use an editor that allows the entry of Unicode escape sequences. Or you can use a program like the Windows Character Map program to copy the ...
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BISHOP is related to the Greek episcopos

The word BISHOP derives from the Latin episcopus (bishop; contraction of both the beginning and the end of the word), which is a transliteration of the Greek επίσκοπος (episcopos; watcher, overseer), from επί- (epi-; over) + σκοπός (scopos; watcher) from the verb σκοπέω (scopeo; observe, see).

In Greek
α) Επίσκοπος: bishop
β) επισκόπηση: inspection, review
γ) επισκοπή: bishopric
δ) επισκοπώ: review, inspect
ε) σκοπός: aim, goal, object, scope, watcher, guard ...
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Hey guys, I need help with a school project.

Do you guys know where I can find any Greek poems about the goddess Artemis? I looked on google but I didn't have much luck. All I got was English. It doesn't have to be a whole poem about her. If there's a descent sized passage about her in another poem that'll work. preferably something descriptive rather than a story about her. If you guys could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in ...
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