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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


Does anyone know if there are online versions of the Greek translation passages featured in Athenaze? I'd like to check the accuracy of some of my readings, but can't seem to find the proper resources.
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Tragic Meter

I have searched for information pertaining to metrics used by the Attic tragedians esp. Aeschylus, but I have not been able to locate anything substantial. Does anyone know of a website providing a good synopsis of these meters and which poets used them?
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Greek caracteres

Please, somebody help me? I can't write how greek caracters. Tank's.
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"Good" in Greek ?

Another question for this day:

What does "good" mean in Greek ? Why are so many translations of "good" in Greek like eu, agathos, ethlos or kalos ?

Is there any difference in the use or does each one have a specia connoation ?

For example hasana in Arabic (like in names Hassan, Hussein, etc.) means beautiful & nice (referring to the idea that something beautiful must be good). And it's similar to the Greek ...
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Greek prepositions: Why are they so strange ?

Hello to everybody,

I'm still learning Greek and gradually things go right, but since I started to learn, I asked myself: Why greek prepositions are so strage ?

They don't have just one meaning, but always several ones and I don't see the basic idea behind the word like direction etc. They seem to stretch over a variaty of meanings.

For example: pros and para, both meaning at, around, but what's the difference ?

I've ...
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Eumenides Translation

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english to greek help


I just finished the chapter in my texbook on the subjunctive mood, and part of the exercises is to render five sentences from english into greek. I was hoping I could get some input on my work for the last four sentences. I realize they are probably pretty simple, but as I am working on my own, any help/input makes a big difference.

2. Even though the Persians were with us, the Athenians came ...
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Hanson and Quinn Greek Book

Does anyone have the answer key or know where I can find it for the beginning exercises in the Hanson and Quinn Greek book? I have seen on here answer keys for unit 8 and higher but nothing below unit 8. Can someone help?

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