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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

[C&P] Ch 9 compositions

I'm going to finish my composition work for the Chase & Phillips before tackling on another good textbook.

The assignments in the book are in brown, and my attempt is in blue. The grammar and vocabulary are limited to those that are introduced up to this chapter.

English Sentences:

1. There is nothing in life than tyranny, as the wisest of all men, Socrates, used to say.
2. The Greeks, therefore, thought that health was ...
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Of the books on the website... which?

Hello all. It's been a LONG time since I've visited this website, due to real life obligations (school, work, etc).

I've rekindled my passion to learn Ancient Greek. I am a Linguistics major and a polyglot, so I don't often have trouble deciphering what's what and why's why. Putting aside this "difficulty of learning a language," as well as cost for the most part (I've saved a bit for this purpose), what books would you ...
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Kazantzakis uses κάμω for κάνω somewhere in "Zorba the Greek"(Γιατί; τί νὰ σὲ κάμω; -- Why? What should I make you?(or "What for me to do with you?"?)), and I could only make it out from the stems list of my modern Greek conjugation table. He seems to use a little bit different dialect from the one I can learn from books.

There's a word that I cannot find in the dictionary. (It's only at ...
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Arist. Eth. Nic. 1135a30

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Greek word for "wanker."

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difference between modern and ancient greek

Hi guys,

I'm just starting to look into learning Greek, with particular interest in the comprehension of the writings of the ancient Greeks.

Question: Ignoring pronunciation, how different is ancient or classical Greek, to that which is written in modern Greece today?

Any short example would also be appreciated!

Thanks for all replies!
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Hello. I'm new to the site and I would like to learn Greek.

I loved Procopius in translation, and would like to read his works in Greek. I'm a bit confused, though, and hope you can help - he was writing in Byzantium, but I read that he was emulating Thucydides.

Where should I start with Greek, then?

Thank you!
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Definite article

Just a quick question: does anyone know what the Greeks call(ed) the definite article? I've read that it used to be a pronoun at first, so that would be an ἀντωνυμία. But what about the "definite article" as such? I've searched the Internet and Diogenes, but no luck.

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