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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Athenaze Study Group - Week 1 - Lesson 1

Who's in? Check in here!

Week 1 will start on Sunday, July 27 so we have a few days to get a head start.

For each lesson, we will post:
- our answers to the exercises
- any questions or comments or problems
- feedback for each other
- ideas for other study aids you're using outside the book
- moral support :)

Post by the end ...
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dumb question re: representing greek

It's been so long since I've been active here--last time we were still using spionic.

I checked the sticky threads about this but they don't seem up-to-date (and the windows one has an empty post...).

Can someone recap how to write greek letters in the forum? Then I can update the instruction threads. :)
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Koine to Attic Suggestions?

Hello everyone,

I recently realized that most of my Greek googling leads me to this site, so I made an account. And for my first post, I was hoping some of you could help me out by recommending good texts for transitioning from Koine to Attic.

Here's where I'm at: I've had three official seminary semesters of Koine (along with a reading group for another semester). I worked through Clayton Croy's Primer and Wallace's Basics ...
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Williamowtiz-Mollendorff - Suggestions for a New Greek Reade

Found this in the forum topic "Traditional 2nd Year Greek Text".
Helikwps wrote:Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Mollendorff made these and other selections in a short article for The Classical Review in 1907. I hope to type it up and submit it here in the near-future. Cheers,

I didn't see this on the forum, so I am thinking Tim did not have the chance to post it yet.
I found this an interesting read. In two parts ...
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question from Mastronarde Unit 11

unit is on present/middle passive, but my question is about use of dative.

Unit XI, Section III, Question 9:
οὐκ ἔξεστι τοῖς παιδίοις τοῖς θεοῖς σπένδειν.

I came up with two possible translations:
1) It is not permitted to the children to pour libations for the gods.
2) It is not permitted by the gods for the children to pour libations.

#1 is what is found in Mastronarde's answer key. He tends to give multiple ...
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Greek Grammars

Out of curiosity: is anyone used to working with the two most important Greek grammars in German, Kühner-Gerth and Schwyzer? And if so, how do they compare to Smyth?
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regularity of vowel and consonant shifts?

I am memorizing vowel shifts in imp. ind. tenses (e+stem beginning in vowel), and labial/dental/palatal shifts in future act. and middle ind. Along with the pres. ind. tenses, that's all I know.

From what I can tell, some/all of the spelling changes ease what could otherwise be an awkward pronunciation. I have been memorizing these shifts as if they are (basically) regular for any form that has a e- prefix, or a labial/dental/palatal+s. I have ...
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textlinguistics and Attic poetry/tragedy

cb wrote:hi, interesting about dik's tragic word order - after having studied her earlier paper giving stats on word shapes in iambic tri (oh, i was going to link to my site http://www.freewebs.com/mhninaeide where i summarised this info, but my site has been deleted apparently, oh well) i got really excited when i saw dik's book on tragic word order in a bookstore in rome - i bought it and ...
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Proper nouns, Greek to English

Not a huge issue--but it would help me a little. I have tried a few google and textkit searches without luck. In fact, the searches are better at coming up with vocabulary lists without proper nouns!

Is there a list of only proper nouns, Greek and English? Historical and fictional people and deities, places, that sort of thing. I do not need a whole dictionary, but if I could see maybe 50 or 100 common ...
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Reading Manuscripts


I wonder if anyone has any wisdom about ways in which one might enter the world of reading manuscripts. I realise that there are resources available online at archive.org etc. I have two questions:
(1) Any suggestions as to where would be a good place to start?
(2) Any suggested paper resources? I have a dream of reading Greek manuscripts with my breakfast cereal!
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