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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

bryn mawr commentaries - all the same?

I did have the impression that Bryn Mawr Commentaries were all pretty much the same. The commentary is very much focused on the grammar without getting distracted to wider historical or artistic aspects but not as extensive as I at least really need.

Two of their commentaries, I have tried, have changed my mind.
Chariton: Callirhoe, Book 1 by Cashman Kerr Prince does keep to the grammar but he focuses on the accidence and there ...
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ὀσμύλη - Eledone moschata (LSJ Entry)

ὀσμύλη, ἡ, A.a strong-smelling musky octopus, Eledone cirrosa, Arist.Fr.305:

According to what I can find, the species of octopus with a musky smell is Eledone moschata, not Eledone cirrosa.
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Exercises in Syntax and Idioms Study Group

https://archive.org/details/RouseExerci ... AtticGreek

Right now, the volunteers for this study group are me, bedwere, and ariphron. We don't have the key yet (thread here). But nothing is stopping us from doing the first couple of exercises on our own, hopefully with help from some of the other forum members.

8/11/2015 -- Exercise I. Simple Sentences and Pronouns. I'll get to these Wednesday or Thursday. Let's try to get everyone's ...
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Rouse's Greek Composition Book

I have a scan of Rouse's composition book, but the key has been hard to find. Cambridge is the only place that will scan it for me, and since it will be expensive, I have started a $200 kickstarter campaign:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14 ... ition-book

The idea is to put everything online for free. The composition book is in the next link -- no one has made it available before now ...
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Antigone 42

ποῦ γνώμης ποτ᾽ εἶ;

According to the translation, the meaning would be something like "what do you have in mind?", but I couldn't give grammatical sense to the sentence. The notes just say that γνώμης is a partitive genitive, but it didn't help :(
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This is a test. I'm trying to restart the thread from the Koine board over here. That board is no longer safe. Mr. I'msick Nuisance watches it like a hawk waiting to turn any and every discussion into an epic theological debate. I think that we are off of his radar over here. If he cannot be banned, then maybe the best option is to have discussions about Koine over here.
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odyssey book 5, line 29

‘Ἑρμεία, σὺ γὰρ αὖτε τά τ᾽ ἄλλα περ ἄγγελός ἐσσι,

An exact, then sensible translation, please.

Richard Ross
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ὅτι/Translation Question in John 1


I am a little unsure how to parse the different uses of ὅτι in John 1:15-18. I think the first use is causal and the others that follow indicate that the quotation is being continued, but I am not positive. I checked Smyth, which was not too illuminating, and I also checked an English translation (ESV), which did not include the subsequent ὅτι clauses in the quotation (they are pretty much ignored in the ...
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Rouse's First Greek Course

I have made a new PDF of the third edition of Rouse's First Greek Course. There has been a version floating around the internet for some time. I took it and split the images into single pages for ease of use:


I've also made it available from lulu.com as a paperback (the price you see is Lulu's price to me):

http://www.lulu.com/shop/whd-rouse/firs ... 93567.html ...
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the LSK (Modern Greek version of LSJ)

“LSK” stands for Liddel, Jones and Konstantinidis. Anestis Konstantinidis was the guy who translated the lexicon into Modern Greek in 1904.

I had known that this version existed. Randall Buth had referred to it a few times, but until recently I had never seen it. I had assumed that the Modern Greek it used was sufficiently different from classical so that the lexicon would only be useful to those who knew Modern Greek. Otherwise, you ...
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