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Here's where you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Vowel length in Βαβρίου Μυθίαμβοι Αἰσώπειοι

I've begun marking the long vowels in Babrius (ed. Perry). My Greek is still poor enough that I can't hear the iambics easily, so I need to do this before making recordings. Please let me know if you spot any errors or missing macrons. Any unmarked α, ι, or υ should be short. I will keep this post updated with any corrections. Further fables will get posted to this thread in new posts. I'm typing ...

Beetham's Learning Greek with Plato - First reaction

I have only got to page 57 and have not reached the point where he starts on Plato's Meno

First off it is too heavy! A text-book needs to be easily held in one hand and when it gets this big it needs to be split into two volumes.

I think someone who was beginning Greek for the first time would find the grammar explanations quite hard. In some cases they are simply misleading. On ...
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Technically speaking, is οὐχὶ the deictic form of οὐκ? Replies greatly appreciated.
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Accent Question


I'm currently working through Don Carson's 'Greek Accents' book and am having trouble discerning my mistake. In the following sentence:

τί με πειράζεις, ὑποκριτά; τίνος ἐστὶν ἡ εἰκὼν αὕτη;

Why is it incorrect to put τίνος ἐστιν?

Is it because:

(a) it counts as being at the head of its clause? (if this is the case I'm confused at what it means for a word to be at the head of its clause!)
(b) ...
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Greek: An Intensive Course (2011)

Is there anyone who might be willing to meet up on Skype to read through the exercises of Greek: An Intensive Course together? I'm currently on Unit IV, but I'll go back to go over them with anyone who wants to work together from Unit I on. I want to work on reading fluency and tackle head-on the intensity of this textbook.

I'm using Greek: An Intensive Course (twelfth printing, 2011) by Hardy Hansen and ...
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to spirit or not to spirit?

Dear all,

I am trying to find out whether "Σ'αγαπώ" should carry a spirit on the alpha or not. I have only seen it without spirit, but I do not understand why. In spite of the contraction it should not be omitted, right?

Thanks in advance,

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Woodcock / a detailed diachronic grammar for Greek

Hi all,

I initially learnt Latin in a very synchronic grammar way, where it doesn't make sense to ask "what is the origin of this ?", because the answer given is "the language just works that way". Going further into Latin, I learned a lot from Woodcock's "New Latin Syntax" - both stuff I hadn't learned in basic grammar and the origins of the functions of various cases and constructions.

Can anyone ...
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Attempt of translating Lingua Latina into Greek

I've just registered here, but my interest for Latin and Greek had already flourished for quite some time. I have gone through Lingua Latina per se illustrata and became quite fond of this method of "Natural Learning", which I have applied in some way to all the languages I have been and still am learning. My first attempts towards Latin began with Ooge, followed by Bennett. Unfortunately, this was not the way my mind wanted ...
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Athenaze Study Group - Week 1 - Lesson 1

Who's in? Check in here!

Week 1 will start on Sunday, July 27 so we have a few days to get a head start.

For each lesson, we will post:
- our answers to the exercises
- any questions or comments or problems
- feedback for each other
- ideas for other study aids you're using outside the book
- moral support :)

Post by the end ...
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dumb question re: representing greek

It's been so long since I've been active here--last time we were still using spionic.

I checked the sticky threads about this but they don't seem up-to-date (and the windows one has an empty post...).

Can someone recap how to write greek letters in the forum? Then I can update the instruction threads. :)
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