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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Xenophon Cyropaedia 1.1

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Liddell-Scott latest edition?

What is the latest edition of the lexicon?

Thanks in advance!
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position of copulative εἰμί

I was just wondering whether there was any rule for whether copulative εἰμί followed the subject or predicate in certain instances. In the reading I have done, it seems to have a tendency to follow a predicate noun or adjective, but it also seems to commonly follow the subject.
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Definite article usage

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matt. 6.13

in the3 front of my gnt, there is a place where it says" when are used, the po4rtion of scr4ipture is disputedby the editors" matt 6:13 ends with "for thine is the power , and the kingdom forever, amen." why was this added and where did it come from?

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verba contracta

Hello everyone,
I am a beginner student of the κοινή Greek and I am dealing with contracted verbs now. A question, which might sound silly, is bothering me: are both forms, contracted and non-contracted, used equivalently or is the contracted form the only one actually used? E.g., can one say both ποιέω and ποιῶ or only ποιῶ?
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PUNISH, PUNISHMENT (English words related to Greek words)

The verb punish came into English from the old French puniss-, extended prp. stem of punir (to punish) from the Latine punire, from poenire from poena, which is related to the Greek ποινή (poene; punishment, penalty).

From the same root: punishment, punishable, punitive, punitory

In modern Greek:
ποινή: punishment, sentence, penalty
ποινή (poene) - poena -> poenire -> punire -> punir -> puniss- -> punish

See the blog: English words of no apparent ...
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iota subscript in OpenOffice suite

Can someone tell me how to make a simple iota subscript using the Greek Polytonic keyboard layout? I'm using the GFS Porson font. The link previously posted for the whitepaper on Microsoft's website isn't working. I've been playing around and I can get a subscript with accents and breathings, but I can't seem to find just a plain ol' subscript.

Thank you kindly
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