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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


Just messing about with new unicode in this new version of the forum...

μῆνιν ἄειδε, θεά...
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Many people in this forum are laughing at me. I am not angry. I can understand them and I wish them all the best. Others are wondering what I believe. Do I accept the Indo-European linguistic theory or not? Answer: this issue is not important to me. Maybe there was a common ancestral tribe some thousands years ago or maybe not. This is not important to me. What is important for me is the relationship ...

Classical Greek Phrasebook


anyone know of an Attic Phrasebook which I can buy? I'm doing Greek composition and I don't know enough idioms. I need something like C. Meissner's Latin Phrasebook - something to stop me writing stuff like hama to xeimoni.

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ISO Scans of Richard Porson's Greek Handwriting

http://www.greekfontsociety.gr/pages/en ... s19th.html

The Porson Greek font is based on the handwriting of the 18th Century Greek scholar, Richard Porson. From what I have been able to gather, Porson transcribed a handwritten portion of Medea, which was the genesis of this font.

However, after many hours of web crawling, I have been unable to find any scans or images of Porson's actual handwriting, so I humbly turn to the ...
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New Book on Verbal Aspect

Have any of you seen the new book, Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek by Constantine Campbell? I hadn't heard of the the author before, but I got it, and I have enjoyed the first few chapters. So far he has explained why verbal aspect is important, the history of advances made in the study of verbal aspect, and the perfective aspect. Someone has my Wallace's Grammar but I want to compare what Wallace ...
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The word language came from the Latin lingua (tongue, speech, language) from the verb lingo (to lick), which is related to the Greek verb λείχω (liho; to lick).

In Greek:
α) γλείφω: lick

More: http://ewonago.blogspot.com/2008/08/language.html
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The word vow (oath, assure) comes from the Latin voveo (I vow), which is related to the Greek verb βεβαιώ (to assure, to promise with certainty; veveo).
In modern Greek.
α) βεβαιώ or βεβαιώνω: affirm, confirm, certify
β) βεβαίωση: Affirmation, assurance, confirmation
γ) βεβαίως: adv. certainly, sure, of course
δ) βέβαιος: certain, sure

More: http://ewonago.blogspot.com/2008/07/vow.html
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[C&P] Ch 9 compositions

I'm going to finish my composition work for the Chase & Phillips before tackling on another good textbook.

The assignments in the book are in brown, and my attempt is in blue. The grammar and vocabulary are limited to those that are introduced up to this chapter.

English Sentences:

1. There is nothing in life than tyranny, as the wisest of all men, Socrates, used to say.
2. The Greeks, therefore, thought that health was ...
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