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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

A Greek equivalent of Orberg's Lingua Latina?

Hello again everyone! I have just one more (and probably last) small question. Recently I had the unexpected pleasure of coming across a textbook, "Lingua Latina", by Hans Orberg, which uses the "natural method" of learning languages. Does anyone know of anything like this for Greek? While I am biased towards learning the Homeric dialect first for a myriad of reasons, if I could find anything on the Greek language equivalent to Lingua Latina it ...
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about the way you find verbs in the dictionary

What do you do when you encounter a verb difficult to find in the dictionary?

arne^sastho^ heauton kai arato^ ton stauron autou kath' he^meran kai akoloutheito^ moi.
let him deny himself and lift up the cross of himself daily and follow me.

I looked up dictionary for .
But I couldn't find its entry.
There was in the entry, which meant "pray", a version of .
And I find in the grammar book that ...
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What is the language with the freest syntax/word order?

Thank you all for answering my last question about Greek so well, but now I just have one more question if you would please care to answer..... again, thank you all :). This is a question which has been floating around in my mind, so to speak, for some time now and, although it doesn't "directly" address the Greek language, I thought that this forum would still ...
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Intensive Intermediate Greek


I am hoping that someone will be able to advise me regarding whether or not I would kill myself if I attempted the intensive intermediate greek summer course at the University of Chicago. My introduction to greek has been slightly unconventional. I have worked through the first thirty chapters of Mastronarde's book, and I am currently enrolled in a "intermediate readings in greek" course at my college (not very intensive at all!). I'm not ...
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Help with Athenaze sentence


This sentence is from Athenaze, Chapt 19, Exercise 19ζ, #6

οι Ελληνε
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about the use of neuter

ho^s gar esti megalou kai mikrou hyle^ tis,

kai kouphou kai bareos kai to^n allo^n enantiote^to^n homoio^s,

ho (with an accent mark, that is, a relative pronoun) dektikon auto^n esti para meros,
[??? which (hyle^ ???) is receptive ...
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Re: Greek in older messages

I'm afraid I don't know.

From time to time I take a look at the phpBB support forums (gone right now, since the phpBB people themselves got hacked recently... argh) to see what's up on text encoding. A lot of people have problems with the move from 2.x to 3.x. Unfortunately, this forum had to be moved tout de suite due to our own security problems, not giving Jeff much time to stare at conversion ...
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UC Berkeley Greek Workshop

I am a Classics major and will be transferring to a UC (University of California) in the Fall '09. I need to get my lower division Greek out of the way as quickly as possible. As a result, I have to take the highly intensive ten week Greek summer workshop at UC Berkeley. I was wondering if anyone here has been through it, and if so has any advice or comments about his/her experience so ...
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Writing out Greek names associated with places


I'm trying to figure out how to properly write out some ancient Greek names that are associated with places, and I can't seem to find any good resources which explain the standard for how this should be done.

For example, in referring to a writer from the 4th century whose name is 'Paul of Alexandria' I get the impression that his name 'Paul' should be in the nominative while the place that he is ...
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Kendrick Greek Course Audio

The Classical Greek Podcast is now up and running:
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