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Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Quandt's critique of the new Loeb "Republic"

Has anyone had a chance to look into it? http://www.onthenewloebrepublic.com/
His tone seems a bit opinionated to me at times but am not qualified to judge the factual correctness of his statements. Hence my question: would you advise a neophyte to trust him or, rather, apply due caution?
Thanks in advance
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Learn Greek where

Hello everyone
I'm fascinated by the Greek language, but I'm an unknown beginner from where, grammar and vocabulary are, really, vague.
I am in need of a Greek language course or teaching center, I would like to have counseling for me.
Thank you everyone.
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emendation in Crito 44 b7 (new OCT)

(I do not have the old OCT; it is b6 in TLG) The edited text reads "πιθοῦ καὶ σώθητι"; the apparatus: "b 7 πιθού Burges ( et fort. corr. nesc. in S): πείθου βΤδ".
β,Τ, δ are the only three families used, S is a ms. in the family δ.
My understanding is that the point of the emendation was to change the tense to aorist, thus bringing it in line with the aorist of ...
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Greek-Latin dictionary?

Are there any Greek-Latin dictionaries that can, at least to some extent, be recommended? Possibly also the other direction could be useful. The reason for my question is that a dictionary like that might be the handiest way for comparing the lexicons of these two languages.
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Herodotus 1.114.5

Here, Herodotus is narrating the childhood of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus, whom his grandfather, king Astyages, wanted dead when he was born, was raised in secret by a herdsman and his wife. One day, he was playing a game with other boys where he was appointed "king". In the game, one of his "subjects", the son of Artembares, a Median of great status, refused to obey him, and as a consequence, Cyrus had him flogged. ...
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Speaker identifications in Plato

I had been thinking about speaker identifications in Plato today, while listening to an audio-recording of Euthyphro that didn't have them. I noticed that I had no trouble at all following the speaker, despite there being no real separation of voices for the two characters. I've heard audio-books in English where it was not so easy to follow dialogue. It seems obvious to me that Plato put in a fair number of cues to his ...
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emendation in Crito 43 d2

Virtually all mss. have δοκεῖ μέν μοι ἥξειν (which makes perfect sense to me); but modern editions follow Buttmann in correction it to δοκεῖν μέν μοι ἥξει. Why is this emendation needed? And what is exactly the grammatical function of the infinitive (δοκεῖν) in the corrected version? Thanks for any suggestions.
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does πασχω have an imperfect form?

For example, how would you translate 'I was suffering' into Greek?
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A Hawaiian Long Diphthong Pronunciation Model

Allen claims that length differences in the long diphthongs (ᾳ, ῃ, ῳ) versus the short diphthongs (αι, ει, οι) are not sufficient to differentiate them. His proposal (value differences) has struck me as unlikely, because the long diphthongs all evolved together and the short diphthongs all evolved together. Value differences -- I would think -- would have made independent evolution more likely.

I still find it hard to differentiate the long diphthongs in my own ...
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Difference between the 2 perfect tenses of ἀπολλυμι?

for example, what's the difference between ἀπολωλα and ἀπολωλεκα?
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