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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Loci Immutati 6

I'm having some major difficult translating this HUGE passage.

Could someone help?

Tum Cethegus (qui paulo ante aliquid tamen de gladiis ac sicis, quae apud ipsum erant deprehensa, respondisset dixissetque se semper bonorum ferramentorum studiosum fuisse recitatis literris debilitatus atque abiectus conscientia, repente conticuit.

Tum ostendi tabellas Lentulo, et quaesivi cognoscerene signum.

Si quid de his rebus dicere vellet, feci potestatem.

Post autem aliquanto, toto iam indicio exposito atque edito, surrexit.

Gabinius deinde introductus, cum ...
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Ch 30 PR #12

this is a prose comp question

the english is: Tell me in what land liberty is found.

Bennissimus's : "Dic mihi in quibus terris libertas inveniatur"

My translation : "Diceas mihi in quo patria libertas inveniat"

What did I do wrong?
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Whack translation

I am working in Evidence and Confession from chapter 30, My translation doesn't sound very good at all, but I'm not sure what I'm missing. I really appreciate being able to come here to talk to others who know more than me!

Latin :Sit denique scriptum in fronte unius cuiusque quid de re publica
sentiat; nam rem publicam laboribus consiliisque meis ex igne
atque ferro ereptam esse videtis.
Haec iam exponam breviter ut scire possitis ...
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The death of Laocoon and Troy

Hi- I am translating the above named passage in wheelock and have two weird sentences in it. Wondering if I can get any corrections/ sugesstions. Thanks!

Latin:Nec se vulneribus defendere nec fugere potest, et ipse, ut taurus saucius as aram, clamores horrendos ad caelum tollit. Eodem tempore serpentes fugiunt, petuntque perfugium in acre Minervae acris.

My Translation:By wounds neither is he able to defend himself nor flee, and HIMSELf?/The very thing?, while the wounded bull ...
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Sentence Question

I'm having trouble with a sentence. It just sounds really wierd when I translate it.

Latin : Ne isti turpissimi hostibus arma aut solacium praestent.

My translation: Let not these ugly things surpass the arms or solace of the enemy.
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Wheelock's Workbook sentence question

Hi everyone! -

I have a wierdish sentence from the workbook that I'd love your opinions on.

Here it is: Tam diu contenderunt atque tanta cum birtute pugnaverunt ut urbis moenia, quae maiores dignissimi olim condiderant, numquam vincerentur.

My translation so far: They have strived for so long and also had fought with so much bravery that the walls of the city, which once they has buikt greater most worthy, never were defeated.

My trouble ...
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Question about Chapter 11 SA 1


I am confusing about the function of the word "amicum" in Sententiae Antiquae 1, chapter 11:

Virtus tua me amicum tibi facit.

Here, whether "amicum" is a noun or an adjective?

1) As an adj., the translation should be: Your virtue makes me friendly for you.

2) As a noun, the translation should be: Your virtue makes me a friend for you.

Which is correct? or both? Why?

If I say "Virtus tua me ...
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Just starting on Wheelocks 6th

I'm starting Wheelocks 6th Edition and was wondering if anyone could recommendsome good audio to help me with pronunciation.
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Answer Key (From Harper Collins)

I know there's an answer key available on Textkit for Wheelock's, but I'd rather have the one from the publisher. Problem is, I can't seem to remember where I got that particular key from, and Google isn't helping. Can someone direct me to the page where they offered that, plus give me the passwords to access it?
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Yet more Wheelock muddling...

Hello again,

Just after working my way through the P&R from Chapter 27 of Wheelock, and no. 1 gave me some difficulty. It goes:

Quisque cupit quam pulcherrima atque utilissima dona dare,

and I translated it as:

Each person desires that most beautiful (thing) and also to give the most useful gifts.

I used "quam" with "pulcherrima" as the acc.f.sing relative pronoun, and didn't relate it to "dona". Is that correct? Or, if not idiomatically, ...
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