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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Lack of Comprehension or Errata?

My son is working on the Grammatica portion of the 1st chapter of the workbook. So far so good until he reached question 20 on syllabification. This exercise requires splitting words into syllables, underlining the long syllable and placing an accent mark on stressed syllables. There are numerous things that have thrown us for a loop but here are the main two:

#1 Why are there accent marks (in the answer key) on the last ...
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Seeking for help in "Cicero On The Value And The Nature...."

Hi, friends!!
I come across some problems with a sentence in <Cicero on The Value And The Nature of Frendship>. I wish you can help me get through it. Thank you very much.

Quisque ipse se diligit non ut aliam mercedem a se ipse petat sed quod per se quisque sibi carus est.
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Loci Antiqui 1 and Loci Immutati 4

Hey everybody -

Just got through Chapters 1 - 40 of Wheelock's. I started in on the Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati. Is it just me, or did the level of difficulty significantly increase from between Chapter 40 and the Loci Antiqui?

Loci Antiqui 1:

I'm having trouble with the second line. The first two lines are:

"Miser Catulle, desinas ineptire,
et quod vides perisse perditum ducas."

The first line is pretty straightforward: "Miserable Catullus, ...
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Teaching Children (and Dog)

Good day:

I am new to TextKit forums.

My bride and I homeschool our children who will be learning Latin through Veritas Press suggested curriculum. Wheelock will be the primary textbook when they reach 6th grade level.

I do not know Latin. I have done some minor self-study using Wheelock.

In the meantime, we just acquired a puppy for our new farm. I wish to use Latin for all her commands; however, I do not ...
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Translation question from Ch. 39

My question centers around Sententie Antīquae #9:

"Trānsitus ad senectūtem nōs āvocat ā rēbus gerendīs et corpus facit īnfīrmius."

I translated it as:

"The passing over into old age diverts us from conducting business and it makes the body weaker."

I feel alright about the translation, but...if it is correct, why is "corpus" in the nominative case when it is actually the object of "facit"?

Thanks to anyone who can shed a bit of light ...
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What is your idea about this book

As a teacher or student who did work with Wheelock's book, please share your experiences with me what do you think about this book?
Is it enough good to teach or learn Latin with? Is there any disadvantage in this book too?
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Chapter 34, P&R, #16

If those four soldiers had followed us, we would not have dared to put the weapons on the ship.
Si illi quattuor milites nos secuti essent, arma in nave ponere non ausi sumus.

That is how my answer key has this sentence translated. I have two questions about this sentence. First, I wonder why the perfect imperative is used in the apodosis rather than the pluperfect subjunctive. I know that there are variants on the ...
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Latin 38 stories ch 28

Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus; omnesque rumores senum graviorum aestimemus unius assis. Soles occidere et redire possunt; ubi semel occidit haec brevissima lux,una nox perpetua nobis est dormienda. Da mihi basia mille, deinde centum; deinde mille altera, deinde secunda centum: deinde, ubi plurima basia fecerimus, conturbemus illa, ne sciamus numerum basiorum, aut ne quis malus numerum invenire possit atque invidere.

I have not done the second part yet. I am not good with the subjunctive ...
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chapter 2 vocabulary mea and tua

In the vocabulary of chapter 2 Wheelock has given paradigme of genetive of pronoun ego and tu as mea and tua.He also gives its plural form.
How is it possible to make feminine adjective of a paradigme of a pronoun? And then its plural.So does it mean that we can do another paradigmes of mea and tua like porta?
Mei mensa, mei amicus, mei pilum.Are all these wrong?
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quality of wheelock's latin

Which more qualities do wheelock's latin have than D'ooge, reading latin, cambridge latin course, etc.?
Why is it so widely used and lauded?
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