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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

the enclitic -que

When this is added to the end of a word it adds a syllable. Do the usual rules apply as to which syllable receives the accent?
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Listening to Wheelocks pronunciation files the the reader pronounces words with -iam at the end of the word as "yam" but in words with -ius at the end the vowels are pronounced separately. Why wouldn't words with -ius at the end be pronounced "yuhs" as in the word alius?
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How is this name pronounced?
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Chapter 1: “You ought not to praise me.”

In the first chapter, we’ve already run into a question of word order. Number 18 is an English to Greek sentence. It is You ought not to praise me.

We’ve come up with:

Nōn mē dēbēs laudāre.

Nōn dēbēs mē laudāre.

Mē laudāre nōn dēbēs.

Are either of these possible? Is there a difference? Does it matter?

The text itself doesn’t give an example of dēbeō with both a complementary verb and a direct object. ...
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Accentuation: ádmonē OR admónē

In Wheelock chapter 3, we find the following translation Latin-to-English exercise:

10. Sēcrētē amīcōs admonē; laudā palam.

I'm wondering about the accent on the word admonē. Should it be penultimate (admónē) or antepenultimate (ádmonē)? Of course, the form of monē is penultimate, since it's a two-syllable word. By the regular rules, I would expect it to be antepenultimate. Is there something special in the word because it has a prefix (ad-monēre)?


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Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns

I chapter 9, Wheelock gives the breakdown of ille/illa/illud and hic/haec/hoc.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to master these forms.

Do you have any advice for a novice?

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A typo in the new Wheelock?

In Wheelock, 6th edition, Chapter 22, Practice and Review (page 144), Sentence 5 reads: Contrā aliās manūs malōrum cīvium eaedem rēs iterum parābuntur; rem pūblicam dēfendēmus et istī cito discēdent. We can translate this as: The same things (resources) will again be prepared against other bands of evil citizens; we shall defend the republic and those men will depart quickly. No problem here.

But in the new 7th edition (page 179), this has been changed ...
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38 Latin Stories 27 Help Please!

I really need help with 38 Latin Stories chapter 27.

Here is my attempted translation first...as I know I must post it before anyone can help me.

O miserable old man, not to have seen in such long life that death is to be despised! Death however plainly it is disgarded, Which manifestly ought to be regarded with indifference if it really puts an end to the soul, or to be even desired if at ...
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Wheelock's Latin - A Comparison of Editions


I have noticed a Wheelock Latin's 6th and 7th Edition selling in bookshops, so does anyone know what's the difference between both editions? And most importantly, is it fine to just get the sixth edition? - Is learning compromised in any manner? Your advice is greatly appreciated!
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The Loci Antiqui


I am new to the Wheelock's Latin curriculum, and I noticed several mention the Loci Antiqui at the back of the textbook. May I know hoe should it be used? For translation, or for extra reading? Thank you!
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