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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Igitur vs Quare

I translated this sentence:

He will, therefore, thank the queen and the whole people.


Quare, reginae et toti populo gratias aget.

Should I have used 'igitur' in place of 'quare'?
Also, since 'populus' is plura should it read 'totis populis'?

Thank you.
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Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati question

I'm on the second chapter of Wheelocks (Yay me!) and it's going well. I do have a question about the Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati. When should I start trying to do those? They don't seem to be coordinated with any particular chapters.


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Multiple verbs

Read, please:

Sententiam bonam vir habet tamen virum magistri monere debet reginae consilia demonstrare.

With four verbs in this sentence and the Roman's delight in putting any word anywhere, how will I know who is doing what?

Thank you.
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sorry, quick question on Ch.29

HEy All,
I just started Ch. 29 and I was a bit confused because the topic is imperfect subjunctives but there seem to be both passive and active forms, and in the back there were no forms that corresponded exactly to their paradigms. Anyone have any light to shed?
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&#!#$ genitive case

I understand the other cases but the genitive gives me a lot of trouble.

What does this read:
Virorum nostrorum magnorum animos curae bella superabant.

Of the men of our of the greats...I wish Wheelock had spent more time explaining each case.

I have trouble firstly because I can't figure out the 'curae bella' relation and secondly that three word genitive phrase. (Why in hell did they create a noun like bellum and an adjective ...
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translation ch.28 Help!

hi, I'm having trouble with the second sentence in the "Days of the Week" paragraph of chapter 28.

Primum enim diem a Sole appellaverunt, qui princeps est omnium stellarum ut idem dies est prae omnibus diebus aliis.

I have: Truly they have called the first day away from the sun "the prince who is of all stars" in order that the same day is before all other days.
I don't know if the subordinate clause's ...
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Adverb phrases

Chapter 7 of Wheelock's:

1) Sentence 9:
Post bellum multos libros de pace et remediis belli videbant.

After the war, we were seeing many books of peace and remedies for the war.

Why is "Post bellum" not written "Post bello" because it is an adverbial phrase telling time of action. Wheelock's treats it as an object.

2) Could someone explain the difference between "te" and "tu"?

Thank you.
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Help in general, amabo te.

I use Wheelock's Latin, 6th, and I find many confusing sentences:

1) Supera (macron over 'a') animos et iram tuam.
(What does this sentence mean?)

2) ...bellum convivam Caecilianus habet!
(...handsome guest Caecilianus has!) Why does it not read
'bellam convivam' since adj bellam must agree with noun convivam?

3) Satisne sanus est? (I translated this as "Is sanity sufficient?", but I think I err.)

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Ch. 26 question

HI, I'm new here and here's just a quick two questions on the sense
of sentences
here goes:
Morte tyranni ferocis nuntiata, quisque se ad oratorem potentissimum magna spe vertit.
I translated as The death of the fierce tyrant has been announced, and each person turns himself with great hope to the most powerful speaker.

But I don't think that's right because it doesn't make sense to me. why would the people turn to the ...
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Latin Study Group using Wheelock

Anyone interested in starting a study group?
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