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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Question about Chapter 11 SA 1


I am confusing about the function of the word "amicum" in Sententiae Antiquae 1, chapter 11:

Virtus tua me amicum tibi facit.

Here, whether "amicum" is a noun or an adjective?

1) As an adj., the translation should be: Your virtue makes me friendly for you.

2) As a noun, the translation should be: Your virtue makes me a friend for you.

Which is correct? or both? Why?

If I say "Virtus tua me ...
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Just starting on Wheelocks 6th

I'm starting Wheelocks 6th Edition and was wondering if anyone could recommendsome good audio to help me with pronunciation.
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Answer Key (From Harper Collins)

I know there's an answer key available on Textkit for Wheelock's, but I'd rather have the one from the publisher. Problem is, I can't seem to remember where I got that particular key from, and Google isn't helping. Can someone direct me to the page where they offered that, plus give me the passwords to access it?
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Yet more Wheelock muddling...

Hello again,

Just after working my way through the P&R from Chapter 27 of Wheelock, and no. 1 gave me some difficulty. It goes:

Quisque cupit quam pulcherrima atque utilissima dona dare,

and I translated it as:

Each person desires that most beautiful (thing) and also to give the most useful gifts.

I used "quam" with "pulcherrima" as the acc.f.sing relative pronoun, and didn't relate it to "dona". Is that correct? Or, if not idiomatically, ...
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CH 02 question


I am still plugging away at Wheelocks. I picked up the Audio CDs as well as Grotes book which is a big help. I am trying now to wrap my head around Cases. I have two questions regarding sentence 12 from the Sententiae Antiquae

12. Quid cogitas?—debemus iram vitare.
According to the teacher's guide this translates to
"What are you thinking?—we ought to (must) avoid anger."

Would I have been correct to translate Quid ...
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Loci Antiqui- Disillusionment

I don't know if this is allowed, but I left my copy of Wheelock's at the dorm over Easter break and need to translate Disillusionment (Loci Antiqui #1) pg.292 for tomorrow.... can anyone post it, please? :)
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chap 23 SA no 8

'saepe stilum verte, bonum libellum scripturus.'

Benissumus's answer here is 'Use the eraser often, you are about to write a good little book.' Which sounds right. But isn't there a case (pardon the pun) for scripturus being in the vocative? i.e. scripture?
My reasoning is that verte is singulare imperative, so you're talking to the person who is about to write, and when you are talking to someone, you put their name (if present), and ...
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Listing vocabulary with nom and I presume gen

Why are the words in the vocabularies of chapter two listed as
vita, -ae?
Is that because the first declension are those words forming their genitive singular in -ae, or another reason, or none at all?
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Wheelock's Answers : Chap 32 as promised

Here you go:


Practice and Review (p. 220-21)
At first those three laughable men were able to endure bravely not even moderate things.
We especially asked how much help the seven women would bring and whether they would soon help us..
With the weapons finally having been gathered together, the commander promised that ten thousands of soldiers would depart very quickly.
You (pl.) wish to confer equal benefits, therefore, ...
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Ch 01 questions


My name is Scott and I am on a self-study path to learning Latin. So far I have really enjoyed the Wheelock book. I have a couple of very basic questions I hope may be answered here.

On page 6 of the revised 6th edition the 2nd principal part of "do" is written as "dare" with a stress on the -a but no macron. I was under the impression that first conjugation verbs are ...
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