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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Ch 24 Paragraph 2

The Latin text is
"Sed quid rides? Mutato nomine, de te fabula narratur!"

My translation is
"But you laugh at what? I change the name, but I have been telling a story about you!"

Benissimus translated it
"But why are you laughing? With a name changed,a story is told about you"

Wait, wait....the "de" is "about" not "but"....I keep getting confused with the greek "de" without even thinking about it.
"Muto nomine" is a ablative ...
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Wheelock's page 369

Does anyone happen to have a copy of page 369 or possibly just questions 8-17? I have seemed to have left my latin book in my locker and 12 A.M. is a tad late to be wondering the school.
I hope somebody happens to be on and able to post the questions or a copy of the page by about 6:45 Pacific standard time.
I would be very greatful for the help
Thank you.
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Ch 24 PR 8

The answer key is missing a word...
The sentence is
Cernisne omnia quae tibi scienda sunt?
My translation is
How do you distinguish all who must be known by you?

Benissimus's is
"Do you all the things which should be known by you?

Thanks for your help!
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Help for Ch 23 PR 7

The Latin sentence is
"Tolleturne fama huius medici istis versibus novis?"

benissimus translates it
"Is the fame of this doctor being uplifted by those verses?"

I don't see any accounting for the word "novis" in his translation, shouldn't it be "those new verses" ?
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Help for Ch22 Prose comp 13

The sentence in English is "His new hopes had been destroyed by the common fear of uncertain things."
Benissimus translated "communi metu" I translated it "commune metu"
Does anyone know why I am wrong?
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Ch 22 PR 4

My question is about
I translated it as a present passive indicative, but benissimus' answer key seems to indicate it is a future passive indicative. Can anyone explain why this would be?
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38 Latin Stories Page 74 Chapter 39 Help

I am translating Cicero Evaluates Two Famous Roman Orators and I cannot figure it out with all the gerunds and gerundives. Can anyone help me with a translation. Thanks
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Help with White Story 32: Virgil Praises

Will someone please help me with the first couple sentences of "Virgil Praises the Rustic life?" I have a translation but I know it's not right.

Oh excessively lucky farmer, quibus facilem victum divitssima terra volens fundit!
Otium iucundum (for this do I do "leisure is agreeable" or simply "agreeable leisure"?),
agri longe patentes (the farm is long open/has been open long ),
speluncae vivique lacus, mugitusque boum dulcesque sub arbore somni ab eis non ...
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Ulysses and the Cyclops

Hi All,

In one of the 38 stories, Ulysses and the Cyclops there is this line:
"Quid vos, tu tuique cari, mihi dabitis?"
I get
"What will you(pl), you(sg) and your(sg) dears, give me?"
Dears?!? Can that be right?
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How can I see the links in Benissimus' Answers?

I have downloaded the PDF file and found it to be of great help.

However, the links of explanations and discussions marked in the file do not seem to lead to any content.

I am eager to know what the explanations and discussions annotated in the file are!

Can anyone help me?

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