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Are you learning Latin with Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback.

Free Text

I'm giving away my copy of Wheelock's (6th edition). Used but in great condition and no marks. Send me a PM if you want it and we'll work out the shipping.
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workbook ch. 34 English to latin translation exercise

sentence: about to die, he dared to speak freely--Moriturus libere loqui/dicere ausus est according to the answer key but I said moriturus esse......? what am I missing here? Thanks, Paul
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Wheelock's Latin 2nd half of text

We home school and my older daughters are studying Wheelock's Latin. We were able to obtain the answer key to the first half of the text (Chapters 1-40) but have not been able to find an answer key to the second half, the translations of Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati. Do any of you know how I can obtain it or have any of you translated those sections and want to share your answers ...
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Wheelock's Chap. 32, SA#4

Sorry to ask such an obvious question, but this escapes me.

Wheelock's Chapter 32 SA #4: Plus novisti quid faciendum sit. What use of the subjunctive might this be with the future passive participle. Is this a subjunctive passive periphrastic construction? thanks.
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How to pronounce CAPVT I (Chapter One)?

How should I pronounce CAPVT I (Chapter One)? Caput unum, caput primum or anthing else?
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Chapter 22 workbook translating English to Latin

Wheelock answer is : Iussit eos defendere rem publicam periculo. I wrote: Iussit eos rem publicam periculo defendere. Does my translation contain ambiguity because two accusatives are placed next to each other? Also what about: Eos rem publicam periculo defendere iussit?
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Syllable stress in Workbook answer key

In the Wheelock's workbook (3rd ed. rev) from unit 1, my answer key says that the LAST syllable in several items is stressed:

20 (b) sal ve RE
20 (e) an ti QUA
20 (f) iu va TE

However, the intro to Wheelock's (p. xliv) reads: In a word of three or more syllables (a) the accent falls on the next to last syllable (sometimes called the "penult"), if that syllable is long
(ser-VA-re, con-SER-vat, ...
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workbook answer disagreement

Chapter 8 English to Latin translation no.2. Wheelock gives answer as Civitas tyrannos Graeco numquam gratias aget. My answer is .......gratias numquam aget. This might be considered by some nitpicking but Wheelock always says to use " standard word order" and in that context wouldn't my translation be the "correct" one? Paul
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new member

I feel a little intimidated after reading the 10 rules but here goes. I studied 2 yrs of latin over 50 years ago at a roman catholic high school, I did okay but I was a very indifferent student.
But through the years I always wanted to read Caesar's Gallic Wars in latin and I still do. I actually have Wheelocks 7th edition but I'm sure the 6th edition is close enough. I was looking ...
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Harper's response time re: key

It's been 5 days since I've requested the answer key to Wheelock's 7th ed and the 3rd ed. of the workbook. Not even an automated response. Does anyone recall how long it was between requesting and receiving?
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