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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

Ex 90 page 38 multi standing for many men ?


concerning Question 5 under Germania:

Multi Germanii in oppidis magnis et in vicis parvis habitant et multi sunt agricolae boni.

Is the second "multi" an instance of an adjective being used as a noun, in this case, meaning "many men" and since the men refers to Germanii, then it multi can stand alone as a noun thus arriving at the translation in your solution key "... and many are good farmers" Is this reasoning ...
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Ex 95 Q2 finitimos

Hi all,

Thank you all for your efforts.

About this Q, the answer key gives:

... and the beautiful fields neighbouring the river.

If finitimos is an adjective, then why is the following word "river" given as fluvio in the question. Is fluvio dative or ablative case in this instance.


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hi, im a new member and i've been learning latin through rosetta stone, and then some1 at yahoo answer gave me this link... very nice.

im a beginner with latina lingua, and i just wanna know the meaning of est.

thanks. :)
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New to D'Ooge, looking for Latin buddies

Hello all, I have recently (within the last month) started my Latin adventure. In that time I have already learned more than I ever expected to in such a short period of time. After completing several simple Latin introduction courses I found on the internet (most of which are located -> http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/explore/latin.htm ) I stumbled upon Textkit. Since than I have dove into D'Ooge and have progressed to lesson ...
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New member wants to start a new group!

Hi, I have recently joined this forum and have just started to learn Latin. I am very interested in starting a new D'Ooge group.

I understand that a new moderator will have to volunteer. I am not sure what the requirements are, but I would be happy to volunteer.

Please let me know if any else is interested in joining this group. I probably can recruit about 5 people outside of this forum to join ...
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D'Ooge Redux


I am the last remaining member of the D'Ooge group that formed in January of '06. Two of us were keeping it going for the last year, but unfortunately my partner, Andre, could not continue.

Andre was updating the GTTS site with new lessons. I would like to take on this task. About half of the lessons are already uploaded. If the Textkit gods will give me the proper instruction, I will endeavor to ...
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1-1 Free Language Exchange Club

Found interesting website Babbley.com, tons of Chinese
I just registered on Babbley.com language exchange site. I’m trying to learn Chinese, so I found tons of Chinese language exchange partners quickly on it. You can also find
students if you’re looking to be a tutor. There’s a lot of features on the site, makes it easy to search, also got a classifieds section for expats. It's pretty easy to start chatting and get people's contact info. ...
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Pronunciation question

:?: Quick question on pronunciation. In the word nauta it is listed as saying the au as "ow",as in, cow. Now a days we use the sound "aw"; which would be more accurate, or would it be something in between, like a softer "aw"?
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Readers or Primers

:?: I'm just starting with D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners, and I was wondering if there was a Reader or Primer that might be a good read to go along with it. Also what would all of you recommend as the first 'works' to be attempted after finishing the course?

Wuscfrea (my SCA name)
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Ninety-Five Year Old Book Review

Salvete Omnes,

For those of you who love and cherish D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners, go to the JSTOR site http://www.jstor.org/ and browse for the 1912 review. It is a very cogent and detailed analysis of our favorite Latin textbook. The review is amazingly fresh; it seems like it could have been written recently except for a few out-of-date references.

Note: it is actually easier to google "D'Ooge Latin for ...
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