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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

Possessive adj and the genitive case of personal pron

Greetings to everyone. I learned the personal pronouns today (D'Ooge) (page 123), which makes me wonder:

what is the difference between possessive adjectives and the genitive case of personal pronouns?

For example, the gen. case of "ego" is "mei". How is it different from "meus, mea, meum"? The first means "of me", the latter means "my", so don't they mean the same thing?

Thanks in advance.
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Another (very) simple question


I had a little trouble with a simple exercise and have a question or two. From 47. Exercise 11,
"Nautae victoriam Galba nuntiat" - Answer Key gives, "Galba is announcing the sailor's victory."
I bumbled and gave this wrong answer, "The sailors announce/are announcing the victory to Galba."

I tried to work this out on my own and think the reason I'm wrong is because if the subject is plural
the verb must agree ...
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How far will D'Ooge take me ?


If I were to apply myself to "Latin for Beginners" (and finish it) and then sit down
with say, my copy of D'Ooge (for grammer,etc.)and a decent Latin-English dictionary
what Ancient Authors would I be reasonably prepared to tackle?

My interests run more to history than literature so I'd be thinking Late Republic & Early
Empire such as Caesar, Cicero, and Suetonius to give some examples. Caesar would be
first on my list and ...
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Diana sagittas portat et feras necat

If this question is REAL dumb please put it down to being a total Newbie but;

If, "Diana sagittas portat et feras necat" means, "Diana carries arrows & kills wild beasts"
then why is necat not necant ?

The above example is from pg. 18, Lesson IV and is the caption to the page illustration.
I am guessing the answer is; So that the two verbs portat & necat will agree with the subject
"Diana" ...
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urgent help required for 3rd declension adjective HELP!!!!!

i require urgent assistance on the following questons put together without chnaging the word order

fracturae costae fluctuans-(to me this sentences is gramatically incorrect i dont know how the hell to change it)
propter complicationes recens post operatio difficilis-My answer Propter complicationem recenem post operationem difficlem
the correct answer propter complicationes recenes post operationem difficlem wtf :cry: ...
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Pensum Trecenti et Viginti sex


This line is concerning me:
Nulla res melius gesta est quam proelium illud ubi Marius multo minore exercitu multo maiores copias Germanorum in fugam dedit

It's not particularly complex, but the second half of the compound sentence doesn't quite seem right. I translated it as:
No thing (nothing) has been borne more greatly than that (famous yonder) battle, when Marius made the much larger (larger by much) troops of the Germans into flight with ...
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BLD Exercise 63

I have a question concerning the key for question 2 of this exercise. It goes

Quid bona filia agricolae parat?

The key translates this as

What does the farmer's good daughter prepare? with agricolae in the genitive.

I translated it as

What does the good daughter prepare for the farmer? with agricolae in the dative.

It appears that the usage of agricolae in this is ambiguous. Am I correct in that assumption or is there ...
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I feel like i'm being tortured.... please help....

1) cum tandem vis flammarum superata esset, consul iussit populum convenire deinde rogavit omnes num scirent qui tantum scelus contra urbem suscepissent.

2)magnum praemium promisit:liberto argentum, servo libertatem. hoc praemio inductus, servus quidam - Manus ei nomen erat - dixit dominum suum cum quinque comitibus incendia fecisse. tum consul, fide servi laudata, milites misit qui eos quam celerrime quaererent.

Could somebody help me with this translation:

For number 1 i got:
1) At last, while ...
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discarded toy from Textkit’s childhood

Here's a mistake. In the following ...

§341 page 147
1. Hostes contra spem nostram fugerunt ... (as a translation of “Contrary to our expectation, the enemy fled...)

... spem should be opinionem. It’s listed at the back of the book and is found in regular Latin dictionaries (contrâ/praeter opiniônem = contrary to expectation).

Anyone updating the Key? I doubt it. Nobody heard Mingshey’s appeal. Is D’Ooge a discarded toy from Textkit’s childhood? ...
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Dative of the person ordered

While paper-surfing old books, I hit something that led me to the D’Ooge Key:

§368 page 159
1. a) Quis Caesarem iter facere iussit? – b) Quis imperavit ut Caesar iter faceret?

The translation task in the original book is:

”Who ordered Caesar to make the march? (Write this sentence both with impero and with iubeo.)”

In the main text of the chapter, an EXAMPLE of impero is given: ”The general ordered the soldiers ...
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