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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

BLD Ex118 Pg50 Dialogue

<br />I'm having trouble with a small portion of the dialogue, the sentence that starts with "apud". It's quite complex, and after trying different things, I've come up with this as the English translation:<br /><br /> Women prepare food and plow fields, and fight among free men to help them.<br /><br />This is the original portion of the dialogue:<br /><br /> Non agricolae sunt. Bellum amant galli, non agri cultivam. <br /> Apud eos viri ...
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BLD Ex111 PtII Pg47 Irreg Adjs

<br />I'm trying to get a grasp on these irregular adjectives. Are my translations to Latin correct?<br /><br /><br />#2 Some towns are great and others are small.<br /> Alia oppida magna, alia parva sunt.<br /> Alia oppida magna sunt, alia parva.<br />(oppida magna=NOM PL)<br /><br />I wasn't sure in which position sunt should be. However for the next question, I placed the verb at the end which felt like the right thing to do. ...
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BLD Ex107 PtI Pg45

Passage from Ex107 PtI Pg45:<br />Romani, clarus, Italiae populus, bellum parant. Ex agris suis, vicis, oppidisque magno studio viri validi ad arma properant. Iam legati cum legionariis ex Italia ad Rhenum, fluvium Germaniae altum et latum, properant, et servi equis et carris cibum frumentumque ad castra Romana portant. Inopia bonorum telorum infirmi sunt Germani, sed Romani armati galeis, loricis, scutis, gladiis, pilisque sunt validi.<br /><br />I'm having trouble with the two sentences in red.<br /><br ...
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BLD Ex99 PtII Pg43 #2 & #6

<br />We finally got to possesive pronouns!<br /><br />#2 My son Sextus is carrying his booty to the Roman camp.<br /> Meus filius Sexte suam praedam ad castras Romanis portat.<br /><br />Is this correct? This question had a footnote saying that it is not the Dative, and asks why. I'm not sure why. :( Since they already said not the Dative, I figured it couldn't be anything ...
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BLD Ex95 Pg40 #2 & #5

<br />OK, I made it past Drill 89, Ex 90 Pts I & II, and Drill 94. Ex 95 wasn't so bad, but I'm unsure about 2 of the questions (out of 8 which isn't too bad).<br /><br />--==<>==--<br /><br />#2 Tiberim, fluvium Römänum, quis nön laudat et pulchrös fluviö finitimös agrös?<br /> Who doesn't praise the Tiber, the Roman River, and the beautiful neighboring fields by the river.<br />or<br /> Who doesn't praise the ...
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BLD Ex86II Pg37

<br />I feel like I've hit a major road block. I feel like I've struggled harder with this exercise than with any of the others. And out of 11 questions, I don't feel confident about 4 of them. That's almost half of the exercise! I feel so discouraged...<br /><br />Would you please look this over and let me know if I'm on the right track? Thanks!<br /><br />#2. The reputation of the wicked farmer is ...
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St. B.L.D EX. 136; P 57. Niobè...

Niobè, règina Thèbanõrum, erat pulchra fèmina sed superba. <br />Erat superba nõn sõlum fõrmã suã maritique potentiã sed etiam magnõ liberõrum numerõ. Nam habèbat septem filiõs et septem filiãs. Sed ea superbia erat règinae causa magnae tristitiae et liberis causa durae poenae.<br /><br />Niobe, queen of the Thebans, was a beautiful woman yet proud. She was proud not only because of her bootay and power of (her) husband but also due to her great number ...
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BLD Ex82II Pg35

We're working on adjectives and apposition. I am not sure of my answers for # 1, 2, & 6 in this exercise.<br /><br />--==<>==--<br /><br />#1 The wicked slave, who is your friend? Why does he not praise Galba, your master?<br /><br />I translated this as :<br /><br /> Serve male, quis est (tuus) ami:cus? Cu:r Galbam, (tuus) dominam, non laudat?<br /><br />My question is :<br /><br /> I wasn't sure whether I needed to ...
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BLD Ex82I Pg35 #9

<br />I just wanted to check whether my translation of this is correct. We've just learned that adjectives agree with their noun, and we've learne about apposition.<br /><br />#9 : Mali servi equum bonum Marci domini necant.<br /><br />I originally translated :<br /><br /> The bad servants of Marcus, the Lord, kill the good horse.<br /><br />But I'm not sure whether the translation might be :<br /><br /> The bad servants kill the good horse ...
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BLD Ex78 Pg34 #4

<br />I'm not sure about the answer to BLD Ex 78, Pg 34, # 4.<br /><br />Translate the questions and answer them in Latin.<br /><br />#4. Cuius equum ancilla curat?<br /><br />I translated the question :<br /> Whose horse does the maid care for?<br /><br />I answered the question :<br /> Ancilla curat equum Marce.<br /><br />Background info:<br />I obtained the answer to this question from this dialogue (excerpt):<br /> Galba: Ubi, Marce, est ancilla ...
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