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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

BLD §99 II.2 translation

I think the translation of the exercise in §99 II.2 isn't correct. I'm trying to reconcile the phrase "in castra Romana".

English: My son Sextus is carrying his booty to the Roman camp
Key: Filius meus Sextus praedam suam in castra Romana portat.
Meos: Filius meus Sextus praedam suam ad castros Romanos portat.

Here's how I broke this down:

in castra "in (on) the camp" ?

§53 gives the adjective in that has the ablative ...
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BSD § 47 p. 21 Ex II.4

I translated "The farmer gives her daughter water" to "Agricola filiae agricolae aquam dat" but the key presents "Agricola filiae aquam dat", that I would translate back "The farmer gives water to the daughter", not stating whose daughter would receive water.

Anyone can explain why my answer (an odd one, indeed) is not the correct one, and why the correct one is correct?

Thank you very much.
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BLD § 31 p. 15 Ex. II.1

Dear friends,
I don´t know English very well but I do think the key has some mistakes. I suggest this answer:

The sailor fights
The sailor is fighting
The sailor does fight
The sailors fight
The sailors arefighting
The sailors do fight

Best Regards

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BLD §95 II Tranlation Q's

(Timicus lamentat) :(

§95 II.

"Alto muros, longa at dura bella, clara victorias quis non laudat?"

Isn't "victorias" the accusative plural of victories? So I translated this as "famous victories" rather than "famous battles" (claras pugnas).

(sigh) The previous set of excercises really threw me. I must have gone over §86 10 times without getting it right. I've had a lot of difficulty selecting the proper case ...
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BLD: §82 II.2 Problem


Many thanks for the BLD answer key. I have been trying to catch up on the forum and am steadily working through the text. I hope that someone can help me over a little difficulty I'm having at the moment.

Here's my synopsis of the problem:

§82 II (Translate)

2. My friend is from (ex) a village of Germany, my fatherland.

My version: Amicus mea est ex vicum Germaniae, patria mea.

Key: Amicus est ...
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Exercise 145, Part II, #3

I was wondering if someone can help me on this one.

English: Diana will destroy those hostile to Latona.

Key's translation: Diana inimicos Latonae delebit.

I don't understand this one too well at all. I guess my translation would be this: Diana iis inimici Latonae delebit.

Some basic questions, what is the object in this sentence? Is it not "those"? If so, why is it dropped in the Latin? In the Key's translation, what object ...
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§ 155. Exercise 6. Special Intransitive Verbs

I was wondering how properly to translate the following:
Nuper ea resistebat et nunc resistit potentiae Latonae.

I original thought to translate it as:
Recently she was resisting and now she resists the power of Latona.

The key translates it as:
Recently she resisted them and now she resists the power of Latona.

I thought the intransitive verb took a dative (them being 'iis', or 'eis' I suppose) and took 'ea' as the singular feminine ...
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Ex. 341

I have problem

6. Caesar will delay three days because of the grain supply

In key is: Caesar dies tres propter rem frumentariam morabitur

I think should be: Caesar dies tres rei frumentariae causa morabitur.

In lession LX special vocabularies is: causa - for sake of, because of (stand after gen.)
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Thanks, Ingrid

I will definitely let you know when I am having difficulty.
I am already up to section 39 (p.19). So far, no problems.
I really, really like his clear, thorough approach. So glad to find this text.
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Key for Beginner's Latin Question

Hi everyone,

I am planning on using D'ooge's text Latin For Beginners.
I noticed that someone on the board said not to follow the key
too closely, as it may contain errors?
I am worried that that will slow me down. I am very new to Latin.
Can anyone give me some advice? I would imagine that as I go
through the text I will be impeded if I can't rely on the key for ...
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