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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.


I know that there are different kind of Latin at different era, then which kind should I learn at first? :shock:
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Nooooo, say it's not true

i've just got to perfect stems. i've been putting it off for a while, but i think there's really no avoiding the truth any more: is there really no way to derive it from the present stem? Not even to make an intelligent guess? Do i really have to learn my vocabulary twice? i can barely learn it once. Why did they make it so difficult? i don't believe it. Those evil Roman ***. i'll ...
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Sound files for pronunciation

I have been using the Latin for Beginners by D'Ooge for a while now. While I feel comfortable so far with grammar, I am always left wondering if I am pronouncing the words correctly. Would there happen to be some downloadable sound files available on the net to work on pronunciations.

As someone who relies very heavily on listening to a foreign language to get a feel of things, in my Latin self study I ...
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Hello!Please come here.

I am a Chinese boy.I am fourteen years old.I can't speak English well.But I want to learn Latin.At the forum,I can't understand any thing,because I can't speak English.Please help me,thank you very much!And if there are anything of you about Chinese,I can help you,too.I hope we can help each other.
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The daughter || of the farmer || a ship .......|| to the lady || from the sailors || gives.
Nominative ...|| Gentive ........|| Accusative || Dative ......|| Ablative ...........|| verb

Would those above cases be right, and could someone complete the following, I dont understand Latin for Beginners description.

Nominative, the doer, subject;
Gentive, posessive;
Accusative, that to which it is done, direct object;
Dative, to from towards without action, indirect object;
Ablative, ??? & ...
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key problems

another person posted this elsewhere in the forum, but no one has responded to the original thread.

whenever I try to log-in to the subscriber section, I'm simply taking back to the log-in page. Ergo, I cannot DL the key.
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Nouns ending in “-ius” and “-ium” of the second declination


I have just finish the lesson where the nouns ending in “-ius” and “-ium” of the second declination (Pag 48 of pdf) and I have some doubts that I would appreciate if someone could help me.

I think I have got everything strait about the singular cases except the Vocative. As example I will decline Fīlius Bonus:

Nom Fīlius bonus
Gen Fīlī bonī
Dat Fīliō bonō
Ac Fīlium bonum
Ab Fīliō bonō
Voc Fīlī ...

XXIX, § 176: Possible corrections to key.

Salvete omnes,

FYI, i think i found a couple of minor errors here in the Textkit key.

6. i think this sentence should be in the imperfect, rather than the future.

9. "Verba oraculi ei persuadebunt". i make this "... will persuade him", rather than "... will persuade them".

With thanks to the compilers of, and contributors to the key. How would i manage without it? HTH,

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Short and long vowels. How to know?


After I had finally solved my problems with the sounds of the Latin’s Alphabet (once more my thanks Luigi_Pirex) here I am again with a new problem.

How can we tell if a vowel is short or long only by the rules given in #12 of the book (page 18 of pdf).

I’m guessing (D’Ooge doesn’t mention nothing about) that in words that end with a vowel, this last vowel can be short or ...
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Personal Pronouns

Just out of curiosity, why does it take so bloody long to introduce you to simple conjugations like "I love" or "You eat". For the first 50 pages of the book, you can only say things like involving 3rd person. Grr. I just know that in other language books i've looked at, not for Latin, pronouns and verb conjugation are introduced in the first or second chapter. Is there a reason? Is verb conjugation hard ...
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