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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

Latin for Beginners Help

I'm having a really hard time translating these three sentences and i cannot find some of the vocabulary anywhere

1. In extrema parte silvae castra hostium posita errant.

so far i have...

The outtermost parte silvae castra the enemy considered errant.

2. In barborum aedificiis maior copia frumenti reperta est.

so far i have..

In barborum great building supply frumenti reperta est.

3. Laboribus confectis, milites a Caesare quaerebant ut sibi praemia daret.

so far ...
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willing to learn latin!

Hello to everyone. I have a great time learning languages and have decided to try Latin. I downloaded the D'Ooge method and printed out the first 25 lessons or so; right now I'm on lesson 15 (in three days! I have plenty of time now and want to take advantage of it while it lasts) and so far I find it a very bright, efficient method, at least the best I've been able to find. ...
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wanted to join the new study group

just found this forum this morning. ( mountain time)

wanted to join the study group for Latin for beginners by D'Ooge, but according to TextKit it is full.

i printed out the time schedule and plan to follow along. will use this forum to ask questions if and when I get stuck.

if anyone drops out or if there is any new openings please let me know.

thanks eme
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Ex 62 P. 26 Part II

I have a question concerning the Part II of the Ex. 62.
The question that i´m concerned with is the number 5 that I copy here:

(His) daughter is getting (parat) a good dinner for the farmer.

The correct answer, according to the key, is (i'm omiting all the long syllabes indicators.) :

Filia agricolae bonam cenam parat.

However, this translation doesn't make a clair difference about the person for whom the dinner is. ...
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Usage of the "-que" Enclitic?

Is the "-que" enclitic commonly used for anything except joining noun lists? The reason I ask is that in D'Ooge (and Wheelock, IIRC) I don't recall seeing any other use for it. E.g., Curo feminae liberique.

But in Lingua Latina, Hans Orberg uses "-que" to join sentence clauses. I was wondering if anyone here could provide some guidance on how to best use this little caboose.
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The D’Ooge group is accepting new students.

Hi all,

The first class, and only so far, of the D’Ooge group is, at this point, only alive because of the stubbornness of two persons. Since we are stubborn and would like to keep the group going, and after consulting with the TextKit Group Coordinator, we are glad to inform that the D’Ooge group is accepting new members.

The study group has been working in the following way:
- One lesson per week.
- ...
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newbie here!

Hi, I'm just beginning to learn Latin. As a matter of fact, I am just picking up my text today. :-)

The same friend that is giving me the text also told me about this place. I look forward to learning Latin and getting to know the people here.
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BLD ex99

the answer to #5 is "in the roman camp", yet the latin is castris romanis?

why is this?

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I am a newbie to learn Latin,and I got a question today.

For example:

Puella Dianae coronam dat quia Dianam amat.


1.The girl gives Diana a wreath,because the girl loves Diana.

2.The girl gives Diana a wreath,because Diana loves the wreath.

so,my question is above,which tranlation is correct?

as my thought,the first one is right,because there is only one subject case-- "puella".
and if translate to "because Diana loves the wreath" then I think the sentence will be "quia Diana coronam amat."

am I right?
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