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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

Supplemental readings to go with D'Ooge; Lingua Latina?

All, I've been studying Latin with my homeschooled son for several years, but at a very basic introductory level. We've just started D'Ooge's "Latin for Beginners" and it seems to be going well. We like D'Ooge. I thought it would be a good idea to do some supplemental readings; I've seen that recommended, anyway.

My basic question is: supposing we want to start a book of supplemental readings either now, or not long into our ...
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Answer key: ei-us or e-ius?

In the very first exercise, which involves division in to syllables, the answer key shows eius divided as ei-us.

Why not e-ius? Isn't i consonantal here?
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How many versions of D'Ooge?

I have a Super Review reprint of D'Ooge that seems quite different from the one online here: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18251/18 ... html#pagev

How many versions of D'Ooge are there? Can anybody fill me in on the history? I can't find any discussion of a second edition, yet the differences seem rather big.

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Adjectives + Exercise

Could someone please explain me the rules of Adjectives, also how do we know which adjective corresponds to which noun. Also any place where we can actually do more exercises than those which are present in the book? An online platform which tells you why you're wrong would be most ideal.
Thank you in advance,
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Explanation of Translation!

Alright so on page 19 you have to translate from English to Latin, I made two mistakes but do not essentially know where I made the mistake. I would appreciate an explanation on why it is wrong and the general rule I messed up. Also why the answers I gave were wrong and the others were right.
So the English is:
The girls announce the sailors' wrongs.
I wrote:
Puellae nautarum iniuriae nuntiant.
The correct ...
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Lain Pronounciation

So I read the first part of D'Ooge's book, and it tells about the alphabets and the sounds is there any site or place where you can hear the individual sounds or a jingle like a means aa and b is bee so something like this? I know it is written but I rather hear someone so if anyone has any place where I can look up these sounds to simple words, like in English ...
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word order

D'ooge says the middle words in a sentence stand in the order of importance. Does he mean going from least important to most important or vice versa? Thanks.
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Dialogue in section 118

In section 118, there is a dialogue between Cornelius and Marcus. For the last dialogue by Cornelius:

Mala est fortuna eorum et saepe miseri servi multis cum lacrimis patriam suam desiderant.

the answer key gives the translation as

Bad is their fate and the wretched slaves often long for their fatherland with many tears.

Is writing it as "Mala est fortuna SUARUM et saepe miseri servi multis cum lacrimis patriam suam desiderant" acceptable? Is there ...
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Use of 'idem' or Latin meaning same name

I am a novice wanting to use a simple Latin phrase that means 'of the same name'.

Here's my sentence which I'm certain is incorrect: Like the projected reality of the matrix, idem movie ...

What I want is to compare is the reality represented in an array (matrix) and the reality represented in the movie the 'Matrix'. Is there a way to say in this sentence 'the movie of the same name (or forementioned ...
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emphatic words in a sentence

D'Ooge says that the most important words are the first and the last. An adjective is considered less emphatic placed after the noun (casa mea) if these words are the last two words in a sentence should the adjective be put before the noun if it is desired to keep the adjective less emphatic, due to the fact that the last word does carry a certain amount of emphasis?
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