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Are you learning Latin with D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book? Here's where you can meet other learners using this textbook. Use this board to ask questions and post your work for feedback and comments from others.

$ 69. Sentence 3.

Hello everyone. Please help me with this doubt. In $ 69. there are some sentences to be translated. #3 states that "Quis lātā in silvā habitat?" The Key states that the translation should be "Who lives in the wide forest?". I agree, but I wonder how do we should say ""Who lives far in the forest?"" in Latin. Thank you.
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If Liberi means Children, is "Liber" the singular form?

Hi all,

I am doing a bit of joint Italian and Latin,
and coming across an ambiguity in Italian I was just comparing it to the less ambiguous Latin,
but came across something I hadn't yet been able to clear up with the books I have or internet searches I've made.

If Liberi means Children, is "Liber" the singular form?

I will fill out my understanding of the words, singular and plural form, in the ...
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best samples of spoken Latin

reference: http://cdn.textkit.net/BLD_Latin_For_Be ... df#page=15

D'Ooge states in his nota bene at bottom that learning to pronounce Latin requires hearing it pronounced. I can google "Latin sound clips" just fine, but what audiovisual aids would the experienced members of this forum recommend?

Also, how important is it to learn Latin pronunciation when your chief goal is to lear to write quality Latin? (My thought is that the flexibility of word ...
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Confusion: possessive adjectives vs. pronouns in genitive

In English, the possessive adjective 'my' is essentially the same thing as the pronoun in genitive. In Latin, however, the possessive adjectives 'meus', etc. are not the pronouns in genitive form, but rather they act like all Latin adjectives, agreeing with the noun in gender, number, and case.

This cause me some confusion when translating, as in §158. II. 10., 'Why were you injuring my horse?', where it appears I have two options (the key ...
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§230. ā-declension and o-declension

I am going through the book a second time, and am still mystified by the D'Ooge's naming of the first two declensions as the ā-declension and the o-declension.

Why is the quantity different - long ā versus short o?

Both use the long vowel in the singular ablative and in the plural genitive and accusative (and arguably in other cases where the vowel is shortened by the following consonant). It is a long ō in ...
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Perseus and Andromeda (collected story)


I have reached the chapter in which it is suggested I read through the whole Perseus and Andromeda story-line. I wondered whether anyone has found, or indeed made, a file of this story in one go which flows together? This would make it much easier to experience reading Latin properly.

Thanks for any replies.

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Constructio ad sensum

Dear Forum,

I came across this correction in my travels with D'Ooge:

Alius socii amici erant Romanis, alius Gallis
Alius socii amici erat Romanis, alius Gallis

Is this to be seen as a constructio ad sensum due to populus being a noun which implies plurality?
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Altera vs. Alius


I am learning Latin with D'Ooge and came across this English to Latin question:
(question followed by my answer followed by the answer key's answer)

- One boy likes chickens, the other horses.
- Alter puer gallinas amat, alter equos.
- Alius puer gallinas amat, alius equios.

I have noted that alius is used with several items and alter with two (108.). But in this instance it is between two! Is my answer wrong?
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Key for Elements of Latin

Hello all,

I'm looking for a copy of the Key for "Elements of Latin". For those who don't know, this is the revision of "Latin for Beginners" that D'ooge wrote in the 1920's. In many ways it is a second edition, though he felt there were enough differences to warrant the new title.

There are old posts on this forum from 2009 and earlier referring to some members having a key. There is even a ...
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D'ooge level

I'll be using D'Ooge for learning latin. Right now I am in the process of printing and putting together my studying materials and space.

I was wondering, how far will D'Ooge take a student? I'll use that textbook anyway, but it would be nice to know.

Will I be able to express myself in latin by the end of it?
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