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Philosophers and rhetoricians, Welcome!


Today I had a chat with some friends about cloning. "Should we create human clones?" and, "Should we make human enhancements or human therapy." It was quite a broad range of topic, but we took it one step at a time.

I disagreed wih the the production of human clones. One reason was that I could not think of a practical reason to make more people. Don't we have enough already? One might say that ...
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Classical Education

Do you think people become more virtuous by studying the classics? Are you a more virtuous person after studying Latin or Greek? Do you think schools should return to the classical education model?
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Virtue and desire

evening all,

i am at present working on an essay based on the letters of the Stoic Seneca (minor), and was wondering what you might make of certain issues.

1. the divine fire is god, and absolute reason, then the entire world has purpose. we therefore act upon natural necessity, so why should we try to suppress desires to seek pleasure, a human instinct, as we are negating our natural purpose. Aristotle said that the ...
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Athletics and Higher Education

It turns out that the textkit-famous Dowling (of the Dowling method for learning Latin) was recently the leader of a group trying to get his university (Rutgers) out of division IA athletics. He feels big-time sports "guts a university" and that because if it there "is now a whole industry in dumbed down college textbooks, which are written down to the eighth-grade level with very simple sentences and words." (He's discussed in this Sports Illustrated ...
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Do God’s actions change His status?

If God is ultimately perfect: why does he do things?

How do we understand the fact that God does things in light of the fact that He is ultimately perfect.

For example:

Before creating the heavens and earth God was ultimately perfect.

Did the act of creating the heavens and earth increase His perfectness? Was there any room for His perfectness to increase in the first place?

Or is it that He willed for things ...
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Good arguing

I've seen convincing arguments in this forum, and less convincing arguments.

Most of us here are to learn or revise Latin and Greek, and we have recourse to a wealth of appropriate text books. In this particular board, would it help if we also occasionally revised our skills in 'disputation'?

There is now a wealth of stuff out there on the Web about tricks used in debate, about fallacies that we sometimes fall into.

Here's ...
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I do not eat any meat from land animals. I do eat dairy products, but I do not drink milk since I do not like how it tastes. I eat egg products too, but I do not eat eggs by themselves because I do not like how they taste. I eat certain kinds of seafood (must be wild-caught, come from clean water, and caught by a good fishery), but they are a treat rather than ...
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On Tolerance


I thought it might make sense to spin off from "can god create a rock..." a new thread devoted to "tolerance".

In the original thread I several times asked Democritus to provide some examples of what he described as "... all this talk we are hearing from the right, about 'tolerance' being a bad thing, is misguided and unwise". He very kindly answered me at http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-foru ... 4&start=46 ...
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i and the world

hello,boys and girls,
i am a post-graduate students from zhejiang university--the third university of china. major in german philosophy and political philosophy.
my e-mail:bettermangaojing@yahoo.com.cn, maybe you will contact me and discuss about something. if you interest in china culture and will study in chinese university,i can help you and cost you nothing.i can also exchange our material.
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