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Philosophers and rhetoricians, Welcome!

What is the role of colleges and universities?

I am specifically referring to how colleges and universities serve their students, though they doubtlessly have other roles.

I plan on going to college next year. It will probably cost my family quite a bit of money, and it will cost me several years of my life. This is not something to embark on lightly. I have decided that I want to go to college to get training. I want to develop my acting skill, ...
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Was Marcus Aurelius a good Stoic?

I want to first thank Dr. Gythiel for encouraging his Medieval History class to read the Stoics. I must confess with embarrassment that, as a Christian, I wasn't sure if the Stoics were something I should read. Dr. Gythiel was correct in saying everyone should read the stoics, especially Christians. The books I have read by the Roman stoics (Seneca and Marcus Aurelius) have really improved my life and my faith. However, I don't want ...
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reading Aristotle (meta ta phusika)


Recently I've started reading Aristotle's ontology. But , although I've put some amount of work into it, it still doesn't feel like clinging together. His thought seems to be at so many levels at once, it gets rather confusing. I mean, his Meta ta Phusika is like a construction site, full with haul and debris, scaffolds , openings here and there, blueprints taken by the wind etc. At places foundations are already laid, promising ...
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What is the truth?

My offering is that it is the expression of reality where each word has a concept and each concept has a word. I am, however, open to contrary suggestions... :D
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Do I exist?

I wonder. Hmmmm... 'cogito ergo sum' but does that mean that when I'm not thinking, ie. when I'm asleep, I don't exist? I wonder. Any thoughts :roll:
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Greek spiritual World of Leo Strauss is real?

The intriguing ways in which Leo Strauss explained Plato et el are so out of the ordinay that I really want to know whether his explanations come close to the real intentions of classical writers. And just for this I prepare to learn Greek.

Richard Rorty reviewed the way of Strauss is dead end, but I donot know what is his reason. Please give your opinions.
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Language choice in the Academy


We generally save Latin for the "Compostition" and "Agora" boards. Remember, there are many ancient Greek types here who have little or no interest in Latin.

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In my U.S. Government class, we were required to read two articles


http://www.libertyhaven.com/politicsand ... alism.html

I enjoyed the discussion we had in class, and I would like to hear what people here think.
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Today I had a chat with some friends about cloning. "Should we create human clones?" and, "Should we make human enhancements or human therapy." It was quite a broad range of topic, but we took it one step at a time.

I disagreed wih the the production of human clones. One reason was that I could not think of a practical reason to make more people. Don't we have enough already? One might say that ...
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Classical Education

Do you think people become more virtuous by studying the classics? Are you a more virtuous person after studying Latin or Greek? Do you think schools should return to the classical education model?
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