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i and the world

hello,boys and girls,
i am a post-graduate students from zhejiang university--the third university of china. major in german philosophy and political philosophy.
my e-mail:bettermangaojing@yahoo.com.cn, maybe you will contact me and discuss about something. if you interest in china culture and will study in chinese university,i can help you and cost you nothing.i can also exchange our material.
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Are Bush and Blair to blame for terrorist attacks?

edit: split from the thread on the Open Board (Emma)

A HORRIFIC tragedy.

The majority of Londoners were opposed to Blair's illegal and criminal war in Iraq. They, sadly, and not Blair and his minions, have suffered.

EQUALLY horrific is the continuous slaughter of civilians in Iraq and Afganistan by the United States government and its lap dog, the British government.

This terrorist act did not just happen: It's simply tit for tat. In ...
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Being agnostic could be illogical

The existence of anything is either:

1) Obligatory.
2) Possible.
3) Impossible.

Before we existed, our existence was “possible”. There had to be an outside force to divert the odds of our existence to the "existence" side.

Therefore, one who says: “It is possible for there to be a God” is in fact saying that there is an outside force that is capable of making God exist.

This goes against the concept of God.

So ...
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volo volare

Some people say that if man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings. I say, man was meant to fly because he was born with the mind to create the technology to achieve flight. What do you think? :?:
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Can God create a rock which He cannot lift?

Question: Can God hear colors?
Answer: Invalid question, colors are not meant to be heard.

Similarly: Impossibilities are not meant to be achieved.

Question: Can God create a rock which He cannot lift?
Answer: Invalid question, because it is impossible for there to exist a rock which God cannot lift, God's ability is limitless.
Impossibilities are not meant to be achieved ... just like colors are not meant to be heard.
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Was there a point in time in which there was no creation?

Creation is one of God's attributes.
God attains His perfectness through His attributes.
God's perfectnedss in ultimate and is always present.

For God to always be ultimately perfect His attributes of perfectness have to always be in effect.

Therefore, God has always been creating and there was no point in time when there was no creation.

What do you think?
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American Independence: Good?

With July 4th looming, and our US colleagues gearing themselves up to burning themselves on barbecues and scaring themselves witless with fireworks to celebrate their independence, I was wondering whether this might be a good topic to debate (with our accustomed tolerance, mutual respect and good humour, of course) the following motion:

This House believes the independence of the United States to be a good thing.
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On... Friendship and Titles

I've been browsing around and noticed that both Cicero and Seneca wrote a treatise de amicitia. I am, however, not sure the latter survives, but I thought it was interesting. Does anyone know of other works with this title (or equivalents in Greek: peri/ fili/aj perhaps?) - or of other examples of two or more works with exactly the same title? mihi uidetur that the Romans and the Greeks often used de and peri/ in ...
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If a Good tree produces bad fruit, is it still Good?

If a good tree produces bad fruit, then is that tree actually bad and not good, for a good tree would never produce bad fruit to begin with, and so, the tree itself is evil.

That is what my Latin/Philosohpy Instructor has agreed on; however, I proposed an inversion of this argument.

If a bad tree produces good fruit, does that not make the tree good. Because a bad tree would never produce good fruit, ...
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Marriage WITHOUT Children

Well, to clarify my position:
If there was an option saying that I would get married but children are out of any question, than... NO, I don't see any reason why on earth I should get married. Freedom and Marriage don't walk together. Let us be friends and live together happily as long as we can. Tomorrow is another day to capture the opportunity and say a loud "fair well"...
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