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Article definite


I know that there was not a definite article in Latin,but they could recognize between: The good girl and The girl is good,
filia bona et filia est bona
But in modern Italian there is (la-il-i),My question is when exactly these article had appeared, and did they rest in the spoken language only,
Because in my language Tamazight or Berber
there is no definite article,and we recognize betweenThe good girl and The girl ...
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Was the Latin Pronoun an Empty Vessel???

Hello to all,

I'm new to this list ( today) and in fact, know hardly any Latin yet, though I'm faced with a somewhat complex question, really the main reason I found myself to this list-- that I have been unable to begin to comprehend with the textkit tutorials and learning kits. I realize that I have to start from square one and give the language a sustained focus before I'll be able to consider ...
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Online college's which ones?

I have a friend going through baker he loves it however it has nothing to offer in the field I am intrested in. Now there are a couple that have what I want but, I am not sure if they are Accredited. They all say they are but....you never know. Anyone know anything about:
CTU Online (Colorado Technical University)
Virginia College
Central Florida College
I am not sure if these are good or not can ...
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Language Complexity

I'm very new to this site and to these forums, but I'd like to see what informed opinions I can gather about a question that's really been on my mind over the past year. As I'm nearing completion of Learn to Read Latin as well as Hansen and Quinn's Greek course, I can't help but wonder how people could have possibly spoken these languages. They're too complex for me to speak at a reasonable pace. ...
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Patristic and Dogmatic Greek

Dear all Byzantinists, to show that in this field language , grammars and lexica are not helping always, i am trying to get help.

Hope you really cope with Patristic and dogmatic text. For I have an inquiry seriously difficult from the point of view of dogmatics. I encountered a Greek text in st. John of Damascus Peri tou Trisagiou Hymnou. It is just the second paragraph in the Modern Greek edition, Apanta erga tou, ...
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was first introduced into philosophical discourse by Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (1743 – 1819), who used the term to characterize rationalism, and in particular Immanuel Kant's "critical" philosophy in order to carry out a reductio ad absurdum according to which all rationalism (philosophy as criticism) reduces to nihilism, and thus it should be avoided and replaced with a return to some type of faith and revelation. A related concept is fideism.

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Hand gun control

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forum name

Just a quick question. By naming this forum "the Academy," isn't this website asserting that we are all Platonists just like calling it the Stoa would assert that we are Stoics? Shouldn't we use an appellation that is philosophically neutral?
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help needed- bronze age Crete/Myrtos Pyrgos

Hi everyone,
I need your help. This year i´m ending my bachelor study in classical archeology and the thesis of my bachelor-work is:
Hypotetical 3D reconstruction of a bronze age country house on Crete. and I am making the country house in Myrtos-Pyrgos
The problem is that not so much and not so great literature was published- not a monography, only brief reviews.
What I want to ask- does anybody have photographs from the site ...
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Is humanity fated to chaos?

Well the title of this thread has probably left you confused but I could not think of a way to phrase the question/subject title in such a way as to be a short suitable size since what I am trying to convey consists of several aspects.

1. a) Is society, the state, politics, humanity whatever you want to call it fated to chaos? By chaos I mean conflicting views etc. everyone trying to achieve different ...
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