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forum name

Just a quick question. By naming this forum "the Academy," isn't this website asserting that we are all Platonists just like calling it the Stoa would assert that we are Stoics? Shouldn't we use an appellation that is philosophically neutral?
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help needed- bronze age Crete/Myrtos Pyrgos

Hi everyone,
I need your help. This year i´m ending my bachelor study in classical archeology and the thesis of my bachelor-work is:
Hypotetical 3D reconstruction of a bronze age country house on Crete. and I am making the country house in Myrtos-Pyrgos
The problem is that not so much and not so great literature was published- not a monography, only brief reviews.
What I want to ask- does anybody have photographs from the site ...
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Is humanity fated to chaos?

Well the title of this thread has probably left you confused but I could not think of a way to phrase the question/subject title in such a way as to be a short suitable size since what I am trying to convey consists of several aspects.

1. a) Is society, the state, politics, humanity whatever you want to call it fated to chaos? By chaos I mean conflicting views etc. everyone trying to achieve different ...
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Etymology of PINNACLE

A new quiz! What's the etymology of "pinnacle", and why? No Italians allowed! :)
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Why does this Perpetual Motion Machine not work??????

It's an idea stuck deep in my head. I will never rest in peace.

Why does this
Perpetual Motion Machine
not work??????

So please, help me.
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Alien Language

I have yet another question. :)
If we would come in contact with something unhuman (be it aliens, or butterflies) that had a system of communication, would be ever be able to comprehend it. I know about how bees communicate by dancing, but their 'language' is only adequate to give directions and orders, they can't talk about anything significant, like culture or religion.
And better yet: what ...
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Greek as Reason for Prosperity

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Etymology of philein?

I can't seem to find an etymology that traces the root of φιλέω, φίλος, φίλιος back to Indo European, but something occurred to me recently and I'd like to know if it's plausible or already known to be false or what. :)

The 3 aforementioned words have various meanings including "friend", "friendly", "dear", "to like", "to love", and interestingly also "to kiss". A related noun φίλημα even ...
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Classification of Meals

By which method should one determine which meal he or she is eating? Should they come by time of day? That would mean breakfast in the morning, lunch in the early afternoon, and dinner in the evening? Should they be classified by the order they come in? Therefore, even if you eat your first meal at 3 pm it is still breakfast because it is your first meal of the day. In this system, skipping ...
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