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Philosophers and rhetoricians, Welcome!

Where does philosophy end and mental illness begin?

Philosophy is all about questioning reality. Epistemology is about questioning our knowledge of reality and metaphysics is about reality itself. Philosophical scepticism can lead people to make bizarre hypotheses, such as the idea that we might be brains in vats, or victims of Descartes’ evil demon, or whatever. So my question is: where does philosophical scepticism end and downright mental abnormality begin?

Solipsism, external world scepticism and the like are commonly considered by philosophers, and ...
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Tribesman on Philosophy

I am interested to know if there are any studies on what people from "primitive" societies think about major philosophical questions in Western philosophy. I am not asking for what their tribal view on something like "the workings of the cosmos" is which would certainly be answered by something resembling an "ancestral mythology". Rather, I am interested in what these "tribesman's"direct answers would be to traditionally "Western" questions in philosophy. For example, what to them, ...
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I read the story of statue of a calf, Aron and Abraham. This prohibits the idolatery. Then why christians have statues of jesus, mery and saints. Is'nt it violation of law?
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does such a thing exist

is there such a thing as locke crossed with existentialism?

just wondering

eh .
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Consciouness is Divine

I have been a long time believer that consciousness is divine, that we are all masters and creators of our own conscious universe. Not necessarily that myself or any individual is in fact "God" but simply that we are all only consciousness and we can shape our world as we see fit. We have complete control over all signals input to our brains; the way we deal with these signals or senses creates a ...
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Is there just one god for our world??!!

In our world there are thoasands of Gods!!!! religions, faiths,but for exemple the Buddists have their complex faith about life and what human will find or be after that life,the the christians have their believe of god,and men will be punished if they will not believe,muslims too,and all religions,
The questions is who is right, ok i want to decide that there are no jesus and Budha in the same degree. i mean two gods,are ...
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I disagree ... but respect

I never understood people’s saying: I totally disagree with you, but I certainly respect your opinion!

How could this be?!

Could you respect an opinion with which you fully disagree?!

For example: could you be pro choice and respect the opinion of: pro life?!

Or do we really mean: I respect your right to have a different opinion?
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Article definite


I know that there was not a definite article in Latin,but they could recognize between: The good girl and The girl is good,
filia bona et filia est bona
But in modern Italian there is (la-il-i),My question is when exactly these article had appeared, and did they rest in the spoken language only,
Because in my language Tamazight or Berber
there is no definite article,and we recognize betweenThe good girl and The girl ...
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Was the Latin Pronoun an Empty Vessel???

Hello to all,

I'm new to this list ( today) and in fact, know hardly any Latin yet, though I'm faced with a somewhat complex question, really the main reason I found myself to this list-- that I have been unable to begin to comprehend with the textkit tutorials and learning kits. I realize that I have to start from square one and give the language a sustained focus before I'll be able to consider ...
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Online college's which ones?

I have a friend going through baker he loves it however it has nothing to offer in the field I am intrested in. Now there are a couple that have what I want but, I am not sure if they are Accredited. They all say they are but....you never know. Anyone know anything about:
CTU Online (Colorado Technical University)
Virginia College
Central Florida College
I am not sure if these are good or not can ...
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