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The Bible: the word of God?

In another thread on another board Rhuiden wrote:
I believe the Bible to be the inerrant, infallable, complete and perfect word of God.

I am puzzled by this. My belief is that the Bible was written by people. Otherwise, how can one acount for inconsistencies within the Bible?

(It seemed best to debate this point here, rather than in its original thread, since it seemed to be something of a spin-off there)
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Mathematica: Physicem Religio

Note: I posted this originally at www.talkphilosophy.org
Mathematics "is the investigation of axiomatically defined abstract structures using symbolic logic and mathematical notation." However, note the word axiomatically, what is an axiom? It is said to have been something "self explanatory", yet unprovable! No one can prove "A=A" because it requires perception to find "A" which interprets raw data, i.e. reality, to be "A". So, is it not possible ...
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Section of Plato's Phaedo

Not sure if this is the right place, but as it is philosophy...

While puzzling over the meaning of 96c3-97b7 of Phaedo (in the section where Socrates recalls how he got into philosophy and became disillusioned with current ideas) I decided the gist of the argument here is that satisfactory causes cannot be found in the physical world, backed up by Plato's comments on mathematics- that you get 'two' both by adding and dividing, for ...
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Calling All Math Folk

I know there are some folks here who read math Theory (if not just for the Greek).

So help me out...

Why is X raised to the 0 power = 1 and not 0 ?
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this is confusing

If you try to fail, and succeed, which one have you done?
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Reality: A Fantasy?

Languages, such as Greek and Latin, assign abstract sounds to physical objects and ideas. If we think in languages, then is our reality is simply a virtual reality?

I have been reading some information on Chomsky's theories of language. In his theory, all spoken languages have built-in parameters in the brain. I think that there are no special parameters in the brain, because language is not just spoken. God did not create us with a ...
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Do animals...

...have a soul? I've always wondered this and I would like to say they do because I would like to have my doggies in heaven. :D What do you guys think?
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I think the first ever existed gymnasium was largely for English speaking athletes. When the leader of the city began to make an address to the atheletes with " a)/ndrej," the atheletes, who did not understand the Greek, after looking for a while at each other with embarrassment, began to undress reluctantly. So the place was now called "gumna/sion place of the undressed".
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Settled (rev 2)

Here is the 2nd part of the thread. I'm not sure what to conclude about this just yet...
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Settled (rev 1)

Okay. I've broken up my poll/thread to see where people are. Some people agree with the first statement, but disagree with the 2nd. Some disagree entirely. My main focus was the 1st sentence. So I've broken it up. Into 2 parts.
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