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this is confusing

If you try to fail, and succeed, which one have you done?
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Reality: A Fantasy?

Languages, such as Greek and Latin, assign abstract sounds to physical objects and ideas. If we think in languages, then is our reality is simply a virtual reality?

I have been reading some information on Chomsky's theories of language. In his theory, all spoken languages have built-in parameters in the brain. I think that there are no special parameters in the brain, because language is not just spoken. God did not create us with a ...
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Do animals...

...have a soul? I've always wondered this and I would like to say they do because I would like to have my doggies in heaven. :D What do you guys think?
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I think the first ever existed gymnasium was largely for English speaking athletes. When the leader of the city began to make an address to the atheletes with " a)/ndrej," the atheletes, who did not understand the Greek, after looking for a while at each other with embarrassment, began to undress reluctantly. So the place was now called "gumna/sion place of the undressed".
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Settled (rev 2)

Here is the 2nd part of the thread. I'm not sure what to conclude about this just yet...
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Settled (rev 1)

Okay. I've broken up my poll/thread to see where people are. Some people agree with the first statement, but disagree with the 2nd. Some disagree entirely. My main focus was the 1st sentence. So I've broken it up. Into 2 parts.
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kill philosophy

Art is love. Philosophy is loneliness. Philosophy only begins when Art is dead. Art is courage, strength, power, exhiliration. Philosophy is fear, weakness, regret, spite.
To make love to your lover is a form of Art. To think about it is a form of philosophy.
Every philosopher is the failed artist wishing to bring down the temple he cannot enter.
Plato burn´d his - unmourn´d - dramatic manuscripts & then try´d to manufacture Platonopolis to ...
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This Must Be Settled.

I think many of us would agree that we cannot know anything about the physical world with absolute certainty. We can only know our mental realities with absolute certainty. We have to come to conclusions about this though.
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Fairest Goddess That Ever Lived

Just wondering who you guys think is the fairest. I kind of have to decide soon, and I'd like some input. I mean, there's a lot of pressure on me right now and I'd like some unbiased views.
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in defense of everything.

in the introduction to his book orthodoxy, chesterton tells a story of a english yachtsman who set sail from england and miscalculating his course mistakenly landed back on the english isle. thinking he had discovered a yet undiscovered land he planted the english flag and claimed it for his majesty.

my ponderance is just how much of philosophy is original?

my philosophy is that all that we can observe and all that we can imagine ...
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