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Greek Vocabulary in the context of weather

ἥλιος, ου, ὁ - the sun
εὔριπος, ου, ὁ - air conditioner, fan
λαμπω - I shine (λαμπει ὁ ἥλιος = the sun shines)
καῦμα, ατος, το - heat, especially from the sun
ψυχρὸν, ου, το - cold
θερμὸν, ου, το - hot
βροχή, ης, ἡ - rain

feel free to add and correct as neccessary, I will continue to add words as we go :)
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greek weather words and phrases

This is from my database of weather words.
I first used "Reading Greek" which has its own system of classifying noun declensions.
Hence 3a is the most common 3rd declension for feminine and masculine nouns.
I may change it to the more conventional nom + gen form.
Definitions as relevant to weather rather than full definitions of course/

ἄνυδρος, arid, -ος-ον
θερινός, sumertime, θ. τροπαί or τροπή, -η-ον
θερμος, hot, warm , -η-ον
μεταβολικός, changeable, ...
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An Idea for composition posts

When a post is created for a specific topic, for example, The weather post, by markos, I think it would be beneficial to make the initial post have some key words with definitions. This would aid in Vacabulary aquistion and assist in creating smooth posts. There would still be the responsibility of each person knowing general vocabulary, but specialized contextual vocabulary would be more easily internalized!

what do you think?

Sorry if this post should've ...
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Unde es?


Multum volo Latine communicare, quod lectiones Latinas nunc facio. Forsitan scribere possumus quisque de nostra republica / terra? Quid dicebitis?

Domus mea Lettonia (Latvia) est, republica parva, quae posita est inter Russiam et Unionem Europaeum (in quo et Lettonia inclusa est). Aestates plerumque breves habemus et hiemes longas, quamquam in annis proximis tempestas calidior facta est.

Et vos?
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Onomastikon Triglotton

Χαίρετε, ὦ φίλοι. Σήμερον δὲ εὗρον ὠφέλιμον βιβλίον τι, ἐπιγραφῇ Ὀνομαστικὸν
τρίγλωττον. Τούτο δὲ τὸ βιβλίον ἔχει πολλὰ οἰκεῖα ὀνόματα ἐν τῃ Βρεταννικῇ τε
καὶ τῇ Ῥωμαϊκῇ καὶ τῇ Ἑλληνικῇ. Τὰ δὲ ἀμαρτήματα ἐν τοῦ τέλους τοῦ βιβλίου


Salvete, o amici. Hodie vero inveni utilem librum quemdam, titulo Onomasticum
triglossum. Iste autem liber habet multa familiaria nomina et Anglice et
Latine et Graece. Errata vero in fine libri ostenduntur.


Onomastikon Triglōtton, Or, ...
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Salvete omnes!

Salvete onmes, ego sum hispana et amo linguas antiquas, in anno proximo volo studere philologia classica, quoque loquere linguam latinam et graecam (sed linguam graecam, hoc non scio, et volo discere).


PD: Si errores habeo, ignoscite me, in lingua latina inceptor sum (duos annos studui)
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What's the weather like where you live today (Greek)

τημερον εστι ψυχον. τοιουτος κυμος εστι απροσδοκητος νυν εν τη Λονδινιου πολει.

If you are new to this thread you might find this thread of weather language useful:
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De Circulis Latinis necnon Sodalitatibus

Alvărus consodalibus salutem.

Abhinc annum fere et dimidium, catalogum Circulorum Latinorum conficio. Circulus Latinus est sodalitas qua homines conveniunt frequenter ut latine inter se loquantur. Ob quam causam, et ut homines linguam latinam in orbe ac in rete colentes sciant num sint sodalitates his similibus in patria (vel, si noscunt, includantur, vel condantur novae) catalogum digero.

Modo eos elexi Circulos quos sciam saepe convenire vel etiamnunc exstare, nam multi numerantur aliquot in paginis interretialibus qui ...
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Num operam perdo ?

Salvete amici

Millibus verbis vocibusque discitis adhuc puto me tyro rudis esse - ecquid oportuit me hac in sententia accusitivum usurpare? post plusquam decem lucubrationum annos - dicendum autem quoque nullo modo studebam continenter - mihi confitendum est me posse tantummodo claudice scribere legere loqui. Id inprimis doleo quod opera poetarum vix possum penetrare idque facio tantummodo nisus multis indicibus dolisque. Num obii hoc consilium (discendi scilicet linguam latinam) ut pollicem tererem paginas lexicorum volvendo? ...
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General Latin Chat

Good day!
Wanna have active everyday practice in speaking latin? Than join our online irc chat.
Chat have a lot of functions and opportunities that will help you in language.
If you common with IRC - than join us at irc.antiquitus.net 6667
But if you have never used IRC, you should download a chat client from http://www.mirc.com/
Than you should configure a server to connect like this:
-- ...
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