Livy Books I & II in Latin

pdf Download Jbg Livy Books I II
12.55 MB | 6279 Downloads

Learn to read Latin with J.B. Greenough’s Livy Books I & II from the College Series of Latin Authors.  This Latin reader presents Livy in Latin with line notes at the bottom of every page to assist the learner.

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Livy Book XXI in Latin

pdf Download Ww Livy Book XXI
7.9 MB | 4609 Downloads

From Macmillan’s Elementary Classics series Livy Book XXI in Latin with notes in the appendix and Latin to English vocabulary.

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Latin Prose Composition Based on Cicero

pdf Download HCP Latin Prose Composition
4.87 MB | 10156 Downloads

This Latin composition book, as the title indicates, prepares the student for Latin composition in the style of Cicero.  At 171 pages this book should be used by intermediate learners who have already been familiarized with Cicero text.

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Extracts From Cicero – Sections I & II in Latin

pdf Download Hw Extracts From Cicero
3.75 MB | 4552 Downloads

Learn to read Cicero with this 109 page reader which contains sections I & II found in Extracts From Cicero by Henry Walford.  The Latin reader features Latin text and translation notes at the end of each section.

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Catiline Orations of Cicero – Literal Translation

pdf Download RDG Catiline Orations
3.93 MB | 16185 Downloads

This is a literal word-for-word translation of Cicero’s The Four Orations Against Catiline from the Key to the Classics Series by Rev. Dr. Giles.

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Cicero Select Orations

pdf Download BLD Cicero Selected Orations
18.91 MB | 10871 Downloads

For intermediate learners, this 455 page Latin language book provides a large collection of annotated orations by Cicero. The book begins with a 97 page historical overview of Roman life and culture. There is also an excellent 143 page Latin-to-English vocabulary section. The book’s core is selected orations by Cicero. Each oration is in Latin and with extensive translation notes.

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Caesar’s Civil War in Latin

pdf Download Caesar Civil War
9.6 MB | 4050 Downloads

Download this free Latin reader; Commentaries of C. Julius Caesar The Civil War in Latin with notes in the appendix to assist the Latin learner.

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Latin For Beginners

pdf Download Latin For Beginners
12.44 MB | 79692 Downloads

Learn Latin with this free latin grammar.  D’Ooge designed this beginners grammar  to prepare the student for reading Caesar.  The grammar consists of seventy-nine lessons divided into three parts.

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Beginner’s Latin Book

pdf Download Beginners Latin Book
9.46 MB | 88595 Downloads

Learn to read Latin with this excellent beginner’s Latin grammar book.

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New Latin Grammar

pdf Download Allen & Green New Latin Grammar
11.1 MB | 31458 Downloads

This Latin grammar is made available for free and full download.  Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges is the most widely used Latin reference grammar in America.  First appearing in 1888, the grammar underwent a significant revision in 1903.  This grammar can be purchased new to this day.

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