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Textkit Library Moving to Rackspace Content Delivery Network (CDN)

As part of Textkit’s new 2011 “Tools Channel” which is where we build, feature and discuss how educators can leverage Internet technologies in order to develop Classical education tools, we’re announcing that Textkit is shifting its PDF and raw source … Continue reading

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Textkit Answers – A Q&A Tool For Questions About The Classics, Ancient Greek and Latin

As part of Textkit’s 2011 commitment to developing new tools which will better serve Greek and Latin learners, Textkit has launched a new tool called Textkit Answers.  Textkit Answers is a social question and answer tool much like  StackExchange or … Continue reading

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Chicken Dinners & Learning To Read With McGuffey

This is the first post of Textkit’s Kids channel.  We created this channel because many of us here at Textkit are also parents or are responsible for the education of young children. I thought of no better way to open … Continue reading

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